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Amber-Rose Kawewehi

Zealous about food and all of its delectable glory, Amber-Rose wants to taste it all! A passionate foodie by heart, she sets out to find the most interesting,  exquisite, and delightful tastes that the world has to offer.

Born and raised in the Las Vegas, Nevada, Amber-Rose is continually exposed to a diverse melting pot of cultures, lifestyles, and, most importantly, all the food that comes with it. Conquering many exciting foods that Las Vegas has to offer is quite a daunting task and Amber-Rose prides on being the one to take that challenge and does it wholeheartedly.

Not only does Amber-Rose have an immense love for experiencing exciting new flavors wherever she is, she also pines herself on blogging about it and telling the world her experiences one plate at a time.

She decided to take her culinary interpretations to the internet in 2009 and set up her food blog to give people a taste of all the exciting and tantalizing cuisines she has sampled her way through thus far. In her blog, she strives to showcase her food experiences through vivid literary imagery, background information about her experience, and an occasional picture gallery to compliment her dining adventures.

Amber-Rose’s love for food brings a fresh inside look into the world of exceptional dining and she enjoys taking the time to detail her foray into the culinary universe. Currently, Amber-Rose is chowing down and loving life with her loved ones and occasionally sets out to new destinations to blog about foods outside of the Vegas Valley.

Although food blogging is a hobby of hers, Amber-Rose lives her life by the saying, “There is no sincerer love than the love of food” and makes it a point to share her love of food with anyone out there willing to listen.


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Maui & Oahu Trip '15

Earlier in July my husband I spent a couple weeks in Hawai'i.  We went to Maui (my first time there) then to O'ahu.  While in Hawai'i I got to see the differences and similarities between Maui and O'ahu.  The one thing both islands had in common was that there was delicious food everywhere!  Here are some of my favorite places we grubbed at and interesting foods we saw:
Jack's Inn When we arrived in Maui, we were craving some local food so we asked a few locals what were good local spots to eat at near the airport.  Locals were recommending Jack's Inn so we went there for breakfast.  It's a small diner with a simple menu:

I chose the Crazy Omelette with meats that the Hawaiian locals love- 2 eggs with Spam, Vienna Sausage, Portuguese sausage, and green onions!  Despite the variety of meats, I'm glad that one meat didn't overpower the other:

Jack's Inn 312 Alamaha St Kahului, HI 96732 (808) 877-3610

Miso Phat Sushi Right near our hotel was Miso Ph…

Japan Trip '16: Kanazawa and Tokyo

Continuing on from my last post, Japan Trip '16: Osaka, when we left Osaka, we travelled up north to Kanazawa then travelled to Tokyo where we stayed for the remainder of our trip.

We made a stop at Kyoto to do some sightseeing and snacked from bento boxes before we went on our trek:

The Japanese make cute stuff out of everything.  Yes, even food.  Kawaii desu ne:

After a long walk seeing the Arashiyama Bamboo Groove, we saw Taiyaki for the first time!  This fluffy fish-shaped cake is made out pancake or waffle batter and is usually filled with green tea, custard, or red bean paste (from sweetened adzuki beans) as seen here:

Hacchoya was the first restaurant we ate at when we arrived in Kanazawa.  This was a very nice and chic izakaya (Japanese tavern).  When we arrived it was crowded with business people dining and had a smoky atmosphere.  I hate smoke, but it won't stop me from trying new foods!  Other than eating, be sure to try the local sakes that Hacchoya has to offer.  He…

Fat Boy

On my cheat day I ate at Fat Boy located on 4425 Stewart St Suite 107 (corner of Stewart St & Lamb Blvd).  It's a small fast food joint that serves hamburgers, pizzas, burritos, salads, smoothies (their syrups are homemade), milkshakes, and Mexican food:

Chencho Fries- a Fat Boy favorite!  These fries are topped with salsa verde, grilled onions, chopped chicken, and melted cheese:

Pastrami Boyger- beef patty topped with pastrami, mustard, grilled onions, pickles and mayo.  If you need a serious protein fix, this "boyger" is for you:

Fat Boy makes their meat patties daily and are never frozen.  Toppings and vegetables are prepared as needed, and buns are delivered to the restaurant fresh daily.  If you're feeling gluttonous, check out Fat Boy!