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Return to Ichiza

My friends came to visit here in Las Vegas from the OC last weekend. Since they were under 21, I had to think of places to bring them to during the night in a 21+ city.  One place I thought would be perfect to go to was Ichiza. My second visit to Ichiza with them was way better than my first!  I didn't feel horribly sick like last time and I got to enjoy the food and had a good time. I gotta say, if you go to Ichiza on a Saturday past midnight, you'll meet interesting characters... Anyways Bronsen and the girls ate a tofu steak. It was only a small block of tofu, but the flavors added to it was splendid! As for me, I finally got to eat their popular dish, Honey Toast! YAY: This Japanese dessert is basically a half loaf of white bread. The center is hollowed out and then soaked with butter and honey and toasted. Then the bread is topped with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream. I feel the need to go on a hunt for honey toast in other restaurants now haha.

Russian dinner

Reggie introduced me to Jones Market & Deli - they only sell Eastern European foods. Everything looked and felt so foreign (esp. when Reggie was talking Russian to the workers) to me because I'm just used to going to Asian markets! Later I went to her place for a lovely dinner. Here's what we had: This milk chocolate is full of pores, so when you eat it, it kinda taste fluffy! This design looks way more appealing than Hershey's. This lavsh bread is like a tortilla. You can eat pretty much anything with it. This cavier was SUPER salty. I couldn't put too much on my bread like Reggie, she loves salt way more than me! These were our four main courses. I never realized how much similarities these foods had to certain Filipino dishes as in the taste (same amount of vinegar used) and ingredients (the dish with eggplants reminded me of the veggie dish, Pinakbet . This is Reggie's kitten, Pushkin, he was begging for food the whole time we were eating. It was har

Town Square

Ever since Town Square opened last year, I've been there about over thousands of times for shopping and great food (its really nice to go there during the night time!). I've noticed the two usual food places I go to, Yogurt Land and Yard House, serve fresh foods. At Yogurt Land , Vanessa (she failed at posing w/ the yogurt) told me their yogurt tasted fresh, not generic tasting like in other yogurt places she's been to...I'm glad someone else noticed the freshness! I like how Yogurt Land doesn't charge how many different kinds of yogurt and toppings you get, they only charge by ounces you get: ~~~~~~ At the Yard House , I love how they prepare their fish dishes and they taste fresh to me every time I order one! This is Seared Ahi Sashimi, its lightly blackened served with soy vinaigrette, wasabi and pickled ginger: