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Taqueria Santander

One evening I went to pick up dinner I ordered down the street from my home.  After I got my dinner, I saw this taco stand put up in front of Taqueria Santander.  I thought to myself its late at night, the street lights are dim, and there's men surrounding the taco stand... I'll go try a taco!  I went up to the stand as was greeted in Spanish (I don't think they could see me well so I went closer to the light that was on the grill).  A man asked me if I wanted carne or ____?  His accent was thick so I asked what else they had other than beef.  The man said intestine.  I chose it... I figured I've had enough beef tacos, I'll try something new.  The man smiled and gave me two thumbs up haha.  While he was preparing it the other men were making conversation with me.  One asked if I was Filipina, if I was from there, and so on.  I replied in Spanish to some of their questions, I'm surprised I still remember!   Here is the taco de tripas with onion, cilantro, salsa

Komol Restaurant

I really enjoy eating at  Komol , their Thai food never disappoints me.  I've been coming here since I was kid... Maybe thats why I'm so attached to this place! The staff is always friendly, offer great service, and my friends and I have had nice conversations with them!   The appetizer Bronsen and I always get is the Vegetarian Satay  - flame broiled tofu strips on skewers with curry peanut sauce, toasted bread, and cucumber salad: The tofu satay always comes out perfectly light and broiled evenly :)  I highly recommend getting any item served with the curry peanut because its heavenly ! I also recommend trying the  Pineapple Fried Rice - with pineapples, cashews, green onion, tomatoes, shrimp, and chicken; and try any of the vegetarian dinner specials.  My favorite one is V egetarian Dinner Special #3 - comes with a spring roll, mushroom tom kha soup (as shown in the pic below), and pad Thai  (stir fried noodles with eggs, fish sauce, bean sprouts, and a lot of garnishes

Sushi dinner #2

This time Bronsen added more variety to his sushi rolls!  I was impressed with the rolls he made.  They consisted combos of tuna sashimi, canned tuna, kim chi, cucumber, his special sauce, fried garlic, soy chicken, and my leftover vegetarian wonton filling!  Time for execution: Beautiful & ready to be devoured:

My personal sushi chef muhaha

It's a rare occasion when Bronsen volunteers to make dinner for me so I had to photograph this moment!     -Salmon sashimi from Pacific Seafood Inc. in Henderson -Sushi nori from Lian Hwa Inc. Thanks Chef Bronsen <3

San Gennaro Feast

Me and Bronsen finally went to the semi annual San Gennaro Feast !  This festival is held in honor of San Gennaro , the patron saint of Naples .  There was an overwhelming amount of vendors there.  Many of them kept calling out to people persuading them to try their foods, it felt old fashioned to me haha.  The foods looked so tasty, making it hard for us to decide what to eat.  If only the foods weren't overpriced, I'd sample many of the foods. The interesting foods I saw were toasted ravioli, eggplant parmesan sub sandwich, garlic fries, zeppole (fried dough), turkey legs, stuffed artichokes, and shrimp pesto pizza (on the left hand side of this pic): super long Italian sausages! :                                     shrimp shrimp shrimp: