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Sultan's Grill

For dinner the fiance and I decided to go to  Sultan's Grill , a small neighborhood restaurant located in  Summerlin .   Upon entering, I heard a customer talking to one of the workers saying how much he loved the food and that he'd come back for sure the next evening for dinner again.  That was a good sign! Then as I was reading the back of the menu, there were rules that this restaurant adhered to such as they don't cook your meal until you order it. I was sold! The food was good as I expected it to be. What I liked about it is that it's spices weren't overpowering like some Mediterranean/Middle Eastern food I've had. In my opinion, the rice was made perfect the evening we went there. I'd come back for the rice everyday if I lived closer to that area! Falafel Combo - A treat for the the vegetarian! Ground chick peas, ground parsley, ground onions and herbs, mixed and fried to a golden brown. Served with tahini sauce (sesame seed oil

Nurses' Week

Nurses' Week was a hectic week for me (school wise), just seeing this cake last Friday brightened up my day: Swirls of chocolate and vanilla underneath the frosting: From Wal-Mart  

Baby Showers

Here's a couple pics of the recent baby showers I've been to: Cute baby booties! My friend's sweet cupcakes and popcorn drizzled with chocolate

Honey Bees!

Be aware about bees: Help The Honey Bees  and  Silence of the Bees

Beauty Bar

Last week I went to the Beauty Bar  to watch my fiancé and his band  play a show in their patio, which is behind the bar.  When I walked in, I saw picnic tables and the food vendor (!), The Lunch Box  selling hot dogs.  They don't make just regular hot dogs, if you see in this photo below, you can see what makes what makes their hot dogs special: For dessert, I saw a lady make the  Ice Cream Wafflewich .  She poured a waffle batter into a big waffle maker and let it cook.  Afterwards she took two pieces of waffles and placed scoops of vanilla on top and squished them together like a sandwich.  I really wanted to try it, but I absolutely had no appetite... So next time I'll try it! Other food truck vendors that also come to the Beauty Bar are  Sloppi Jos ,  Fukuburger ,  Muncheeze , and  Slidin' Thru .  I have yet to try foods from all these food trucks, I can't wait!