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Great Bao

Lately I heard about Great Bao from my foodie friends how delicious the bao was and wanted to see what the buzz was all about.  A bao is basically a steamed bun filled with vegetables and/or meats.

My fiancé surprised me one day by bringing me a to-go box of a couple bao.  On the left of this photo is bao with roasted mushrooms, sweet soy, and daikon sprouts and the right is Pork Belly Bao with pickled mustard greens and crushed peanuts.  The left bao was supposed to be a Tofu Bao, but they had ran out of tofu that day!

A week later after trying these bao I went with my friend to Great Bao because she had never ate bao before and knew Chef Sheridan Su when he used to work at Comme Ça (what a small world!).

We were greeted by Jenny and she told us the story about Great Bao (interesting story, not just what you read on their website).  They have a $10 special of any order of three bao and a drink... I of course got that!  I made a mistake again thinking that bao are the same size of s…

Hawai'i Visit # 4

I thought the more I visit Hawai'i, the less pictures I'd take... Well I was wrong, I think I took more pictures of food than all my previous visits combined!  Here's some of the pictures I took.  Its a lot of photos so prepare to drool:

Queen Street Cafe & Grill

Queen Street Cafe & Grill is a neighborhood cafe to go to relax and eat some local food.  I saw interesting entrees on the menu that I never had before like Kiawe Grilled Steak w/ Shrimp Tempura(steak is grilled over real Hawaiian Kiawe wood), Furikake Garlic Chicken, Guava Smoked Pork w/ Onions, and Lup Cheung Fried Rice!It was hard to choose an entrée!  I eventually chose the Ahi Belly:

Thanks Mikey for the lunch!

Kuru Kuru Sushi

When I was having my usual craving for sushi back in Hawaii, I of course wanted to eat somewhere unique since I was visiting.  I had heard that Kuru Kuru Sushi had a conveyor belt that distributed foods.  Since Las Vegas doesn't have restaurants with conveyor belts, I wanted to check this place out:

So much to choose from!
It was a nice experience to finally go to this kind of restaurant and choosing all sorts of foods.  I wish there were restaurants like these in my hometown!

Hot N Juicy Crawfish

During my first visit to Hot N Juicy Crawfish, I was in the mood to eat a lot of crawfish!  When I told the waiter I wanted crawfish, he told me they ran out!  Apparently a customer who came in earlier before me and my party devoured the last bit of crawfish.  I was a bit disappointed, but at least there was shrimp and crab to choose from.  

Despite not getting to eat some crawfish, I was satisfied eating the shrimp and crab legs.  I really liked the flavors I chose for my seafood.  I also sampled my friends' foods with different seasonings and spice levels and enjoyed them (seasonings include: Louisiana Style, Juicy Cajun, Garlic Butter, Lemon Pepper, and Hot N Juicy Special)!  I can't believe I waited this long to eat at Hot N Juicy... I'll definitely be back hopefully on a day where there's crawfish!