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Oregon Trip '13

Last March, my husband, friends, and I went to Oregon for business, but of course we had to have fun too while we were there.  As you know (if you can't tell by my blog), fun to me is exploring new eats and drinks!

Flat Tail Brewery

The first local restaurant we went to during our trip was at Flat Tail Brewery in Corvallis.  We were all craving burgers and fries, I'm glad that we ate from Flat Tail because they were all great quality bar foods.  As for the beers, I really liked the variety of beers they served!  As an out of towner, I was amazed by the orange decorated all over the restaurant.  They really have Beaver fever!  Made me wish there were more bar/restaurants that showed more pride for The Rebels back in Las Vegas.

Broken Yolk Cafe

The next morning we went to The Broken Yolk Cafe.  This local restaurant was quite busy and we had to wait to be seated, but it was worth it!  There was a lot of specialty breakfast dishes:

Our scrumptious meals:

North 45 Pub
In Portland we…