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Fukumimi Ramen

I recently went to Fukumimi Ramen on a very cold Vegas night, which was perfect timing to eat ramen!  This is the first authentic Japanese ramen on the east side of Las Vegas (finally! I sometimes don't like driving to the west side just to eat out).  Fukumimi is a small restaurant,  items on the menu are reasonably priced, and the portion of my ramen bowl was big enough to fulfill my appetite: This is  鳥ラーメン  ( Tori Ramen )- The chicken broth was very flavorful  and rich. Tasting this was like a small kick in the mouth, but in a good way! This was my  Tonkotsu Ramen(miso)- Fukumimi's original miso with corn .   Nice big slices of pork belly and a slice of a seasoned egg were also included. Yum look at these noodles!  I was craving these authentic noodles badly after watching episode 1 of Mind of a Chef .  In the back are six pieces of  Tori  Karaage   (Japanese fried chicken). I recommend getting this appetizer! There is a variety of noodle dishes and

Diamond Chinese Restaurant

For my birthday luncheon with my family, I decided to have it at Diamond Chinese Restaurant.  Going to the restaurant at first felt a bit ominous because we were on Industrial Rd driving past many strip club joints and saw that the restaurant was located in a white building where half of it looked abandoned.  Upon walking inside, the restaurant looked nice, clean, and had a few simple decorations... At that moment the ominous feeling went away! The foods we ordered were  Sauteed Scallops , Sizzling Seafood Combination,   House Chow Mein , Mixed Vegetables Lo Hon Style , and Deep Fried Crispy Chicken .  All these dishes exceeded my expectations!  Each dish was flavorful which made it quite a wonderful meal. Diamond is truly a hole a in the wall restaurant... It's like a gem hidden in a place you wouldn't expect to find it in!

Rita's Italian Ice

I've been to  Rita's  twice so far and have forgotten to take a picture of  what I've ordered!  I guess I'm just excited to try these cool treats.  So here's a pic from their website.  If you've never been here before I recommend trying a gelati first: You get to choose a layer of  Italian Ice (flavors include Swedish Fish®, Island Fusion, Kiwi-Strawberry, etc.)  and a creamy Frozen Custard on top (flavors incude Vanilla, Chocolate, or combo of both).

Barley Brothers Brewery

During my first visit to Lake Havasu, I ate at  Barley Brothers  for lunch.  I was drawn to this place because I was craving a hamburger! The Lobster Burger  and PB&J Burger had very interesting descriptions.  I wish I could have tried both of them, but decided to eat the Lobster Burger .  A nice view of the London Bridge from the restaurant. My Lobster Burger in the front- burger topped with Maine lobster, gruyere cheese, green leaf lettuce, tomato, tarragon mayonnaise, and topped with a  fried egg.  My friend's Cajun Burger in the back- brushed with Cajun spices topped with  bacon and Swiss cheese . For dessert we shared a nice, small  crème brûlée !  

Veggie House | Vegan Vegetarian Chinese Restaurant

If Veggie House had a different name, not mentioning that it was a vegetarian/vegan restaurant, I would not tell at all that their poultry, red meat, and seafood dishes were meatless!  I was amazed by the lunch I had, it was definitely one of the best Chinese meals I've had: Our waitress suggested this spinach appetizer. I don't know what kind of sauce it was sauteed in, but its flavor was subtle yet unique. Being the curry lover that I am, I got the Curry Chicken with Potato .  I seriously couldn't tell that the meats were fake, it was so good! My fiance got the General Tzo Chicken.   It was a delight! This dish's deep fried batter to chicken ratio was about even. This is one of the restaurants in China Town area I highly recommend going to... Even to meat lovers too!  You'll be satisfied!