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Fukumimi Ramen

I recently went to Fukumimi Ramen on a very cold Vegas night, which was perfect timing to eat ramen!  This is the first authentic Japanese ramen on the east side of Las Vegas (finally! I sometimes don't like driving to the west side just to eat out).  Fukumimi is a small restaurant,  items on the menu are reasonably priced, and the portion of my ramen bowl was big enough to fulfill my appetite:

There is a variety of noodle dishes and appetizers to choose from the menu such as other kinds of Tonkotsu Ramen, Tomato Ramen (cold), Small Curry Bowl, Soboro Bowl, and Tantan Men,  I'm sure one can find a dish according to their liking!

Diamond Chinese Restaurant

For my birthday luncheon with my family, I decided to have it at Diamond Chinese Restaurant.  Going to the restaurant at first felt a bit ominous because we were on Industrial Rd driving past many strip club joints and saw that the restaurant was located in a white building where half of it looked abandoned.  Upon walking inside, the restaurant looked nice, clean, and had a few simple decorations... At that moment the ominous feeling went away!

The foods we ordered were Sauteed Scallops, Sizzling Seafood Combination,House Chow Mein, Mixed Vegetables Lo Hon Style, and Deep Fried Crispy Chicken.  All these dishes exceeded my expectations!  Each dish was flavorful which made it quite a wonderful meal. Diamond is truly a hole a in the wall restaurant... It's like a gem hidden in a place you wouldn't expect to find it in!

Rita's Italian Ice

I've been to Rita's twice so far and have forgotten to take a picture of  what I've ordered!  I guess I'm just excited to try these cool treats.  So here's a pic from their website.  If you've never been here before I recommend trying a gelati first:

You get to choose a layer of  Italian Ice (flavors include Swedish Fish®, Island Fusion, Kiwi-Strawberry, etc.)  and a creamy Frozen Custard on top (flavors incude Vanilla, Chocolate, or combo of both).

Barley Brothers Brewery

During my first visit to Lake Havasu, I ate at Barley Brothers for lunch.  I was drawn to this place because I was craving a hamburger!

Veggie House | Vegan Vegetarian Chinese Restaurant

If Veggie House had a different name, not mentioning that it was a vegetarian/vegan restaurant, I would not tell at all that their poultry, red meat, and seafood dishes were meatless!  I was amazed by the lunch I had, it was definitely one of the best Chinese meals I've had:

This is one of the restaurants in China Town area I highly recommend going to... Even to meat lovers too!  You'll be satisfied!