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Cuba Cafe

If you LOVE meat, I recommend eating Cuban food at  Cuba Cafe .  Whenever I drove down Tropicana Rd., I always saw Cuba Cafe's big red sign, and eventually  the sign enticed me to go here:  There's a variety of tapas.  We got  Croquetas y Empanadas- the croquetas,  which are breadcumbed fried food rolls came with ham and beef and as for the  empanadas you have the choice of getting it with chicken or beef. This empanada's dough was thin compared to Filipino and Mexican empanadas. I had a hard time choosing what to get so I got the Tasting Plate - A combination of Ropa Vieja, Lechon Asado and Pollo Tequila with Moros Cristianos (Cuban style rice and beans) and maduros (sweet plantain ).  When I ate this 'rainbow' of meat, I definitely could tell from the spices the taste of the Spanish and Caribbean influence. My friend  got the  Bistec de Palomilla - a Latin style cut top sirloin steak marinaded Spanish Style and pan fried with Moros Cristian