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Sushi Garden

I live in Los Angeles, CA, but am from and travel to Tucson, AZ A LOT! There are so many amazing options to write about!  I have to admit, I am a sushi addict. When I travel to T-Town, like the locals call it, I have to get my sushi fix at my favorite spot,  Sushi Garden  on La Cholla Blvd.  While there are many great sushi options in Tucson, I have to give it up to Sushi Garden: All You Can Eat Sushi $21.95 per person,  $12.95 kids 11 years and younger. Very decent prices, FRESH food! Crab Sunomono drizzled with a light dressing.  Great appetizer to start with. The New Orleans Roll is one of Sushi Garden's most popular menu items. Deep fried crawfish in a spicy sauce, cucumber & avocado topped with masago .  So Crispy! The Captain Crunch Roll. Stuffed with house crab-puff filling (cream cheese, crab, jalapeño and green onion), crab, avocado, panko fried, served with sesame chili sauce.  Delicious! Baked California Roll.