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Raku | Japanese Charcoal Grill

If you're looking for authentic Japanese food to eat in Las Vegas, Raku is definitely the place to go to!   Sorry, no sushi is served here, but you will experience other wonderful foods to eat that make up Japanese cuisine:

Eating at Raku is best for any occasion and be sure to make a reservation before hand!

Mr. Beijing

Mr. Beijing offers a good amount of food for their $5.95 lunch special, I swear this photo makes the portions appear small, but its not!  From the lunch special menu I chose Green Curry- with tofu, onions, potatoes, celery, bamboo shoots, and bell peppers accompanied with Fried Rice and Hot & Sour Soup.  This was a simple and delicious meal:

Since Mr. Beijing is located near UNLV, this place is great for college students on a budget!

Thai Food To Go

I am quite fond of Thai curry, so fond that I could live off it!  I am also fond of Thai Food To Go because this is one of the best Thai restaurants in my area!  Despite their name, you can also dine in, which I prefer to do if I'm not busy on the go.  On one of my last visits I chose this Pumpkin Curry off the daily specials menu.  I think this was technically kabocha squash because of the deep green skin still attached to it.  Kabocha is naturally sweet, so it blended well with the curry:

One of the reasons I like to dine here is because there is big mural that takes up one side of the wall displaying Thailand (you have to see it to know what I mean), I find this mural to be inspiring!


For my friend's bachelorette party, we ate at Bagatelle in the Tropicana Casino to start off the festivities:

Like many restaurants on the Strip, I was a bit skeptical about the food because some places are too overhyped.   Fortunately, Bagatelle exceeded my expectations!  I hope my friends will book this place for an occasion again, if not, I will!


This was my third visit to Oyshi in over two years.  I was impressed by their quality of seafood and I wasn't the only one who noticed it!

I recommend to at least try the nigiri so you can fully taste the freshness of the seafood!

Fat Choy

I had come to Fat Choy, located inside Eureka Casino during the first week of it's opening.  I was surprised that Chef Sheridan Su's wife, Jenny, still remembered my friends and husband who used to eat at Great Bao often... She really has a great memory!  
Here are photos of the menu, but I've heard new items have been added:

The food was great!  I just hope the next time I visit they will have a few of the same items from Great Bao when it was in the nail salon. 


If you want to try Japanese food other than just sushi, I suggest going to Shuseki in Chinatown.  They serve, small dishes, entrees, desserts, and drinks.  I've been here a couple of times during the weekends and its never been crowded like the other restaurants that serve similar foods like Shuseki.  In my opinion this place is just as great!

Other foods I've heard that are good here are their noodles, I'll definitely be back to try them!

Hi Scores Bar-Arcade

I recently went to Hi Scores to play video games.   I wish I had room in my stomach to try their foods because just by looking at this menu, you can see some unique items (click on photo to enlarge):

For example, I've never seen a Banh Mi and HawaiianMalasadas on a bar food menu before.  This business is thinking outside the box!  I was able to sample my friend's Pretzel Bytes, even though I was full before coming to Hi Scores, I loved the pretzel dough!  I know I would've enjoyed it more if I was hungry.  I'll be back to try Hi Scores' other foods and write a review next time, can't wait!

Shuck's Tavern & Oyster Bar

If you're craving for some oysters, I recommend going to Shuck's Tavern.  The location I went to was on W. Flamingo Rd: 

Other oyster choices on the menu are Baked Rockefeller with garlic, spinach, and monterey jack cheese, Fried Oysters, BBQ Oysters, and Raw Oyster Shooters (for 21 and +).  They serve more than oysters, just check out their menu.