Wok My World

This neighborhood Chinese restaurant's name,  Wok My World , says it all!  When I went there a ...

This neighborhood Chinese restaurant's name, Wok My World, says it all!  When I went there a few weeks ago there was only one cook working.  I want to give kudos to him because I tasted one of the best soups I've ever tasted and he must've been working hard non-stop when a handful orders for delivery called within a hour:

Vegetable Tofu Soup- the broth, firm vegetables, and the tofu were
all unbelievably good!

A swai dish with bean sprouts which was also very good.  The fish was soft
and it's sauce brought a delicate balance flavor wise.

Wok My World is a great example of not needing to go to a 'fancy smancy' restaurant to enjoy a delicious meal, you never know a small restaurant might just surprise you.

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