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Balloon Pudding @ Kabuto

For New Year's Eve '13 we ate our favorite place for sushi,  Kabuto .  We always have a great time eating here.  To read my review from my first visit click here , to see my FB album click here , and to listen to my podcast click  here . Yoroi Course Anyways I'm writing another Kabuto entry because I really enjoyed their new dessert,  Balloon Pudding.   Custard pudding is a popular dessert in Japan: I don't know why this video is not playing in regular speed, just check out my Instagram video .

First Year Wedding Anniversary @ Bellagio

For me and my husband's first year wedding anniversary, we spent the day at one of my favorite hotel/casinos on the Strip , the Bellagio .  All we did was eat, drink, and be tourists all day! Yellowtail First we went to the Taste of the Town , Sushi & Sake Reception at Yellowtail .  We got to sample different kinds of drinks and Japanese foods :  There was a copious amount of sake  over  food , so it was hard to choose which were my favorites: I enjoyed from learning a lot from the people who served all these drinks because they were quite informative about each of them.  It reminded me that the science and art into making each alcoholic beverage are remarkable. Picasso For dinner we ate at French food at  Picasso  and had a lovely view of the Fountains of Bellagio : Prix fixe menu: Crème of Roasted Butternut Squash - this was a nice creamy soup to start off the meal: I chose to get the Roasted Pigeon with Wild

Cheffinis Hot Dogs

One of the best hot dogs I've had was at Cheffinis Hot Dogs!  This hot dog stand is located in Downtown in front of Emergency Arts  and across from Commonwealth : For only 3 bucks, you can add all the toppings to your hot dog!  Toppings include tomato, onions, jalapeños, crumbled potato chips, mozzarella cheese, relish, ketchup, mustard, and pineapple dressing.  I believe that the pineapple dressing and potato chips are what complete these hot dogs: If you happen to be hanging out at Downtown late at night, be sure to check out Cheffinis!

Herbs & Rye

After driving pass by  Herbs & Rye  for many years I finally went in to see what all the hype was about this place.  They serve classic cocktails that were popular during the Prohibition Era and before that time like the Gothic Age (unknown-1865) and Golden Age (1865-1900): Here's an example of of some of the drinks: I loved all the drinks they made, wasn't disappointed with any of them: Herbs & Rye also serves Italian food like  flatbreads , pasta, and  they're known for the steaks they cook, I'll try some next time!  I only had the appetite to drink: I really enjoyed my time here especially the atmosphere of a " speakeasy feel".  They get busy during the weekends so if you plan to dine in, make a reservation !

Tokyo Boys

We were in Henderson one late night and were craving Japanese food.  We knew most of those restaurants in the area aren't open late, but luckily we found out that  Tokyo Boys  is open until 2am! It was also a very cold night so I decided to order a hot  Tempura Soba .  It came with shrimp and vegetable tempura : This bento box came with salad, beef and chicken teriyaki : Overall I was impressed with their food portions, variety of Japanese food they offer, and the calm ambience.  If ever I'm craving Japanese food on a late night again, I'll definitely be back here!

Border Grill

Every Saturday and Sunday from 10 am-3pm,  Border Grill  has a brunch special of all-you-can-eat tapas for $35 and Bottomless Mimosas for $8.  This is a deal that's too hard to ignore!  Its so nice to sample a variety of Mexican style dishes all in one setting, they're all excelente!  From what I remember, some of the foods I had in this photo were Green Corn Tamales , Peruvian Shrimp and Grits, and  Biscuit and Sausage Gravy: I also like how Border Grill promotes sustainability .  They serve only sustainable seafood, use meats from animals who weren't raised on antibiotics, has developed a program called, " Good For The Planet, Good For You ", and uses a Natura Water purification system. P.S. Join their VIP Club to get 15% off ;)

Tonkatsu Kioyshi

Tonkatsu Kiyoshi  is a small Japanese restaurant that specializes in making tonkatsu , which is a breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet.  I don't really eat much pork so I'm glad they also make shrimp katsu, salmon katsu, chicken katsu, and other Japanese dishes.  I ordered the Japanese Style Potato Salad , Chicken Karaage , and  Salmon and Shrimp Katsu  served w/ a bowl of rice , miso soup, and Japanese pickles . Before I ate the main entree, our waiter showed us how to prepare the katsu sauce.  Take a few sesame seeds (top left of pic), put in a bowl, ground the seeds with the pestle until fine, then mix into sauce.  As I was grounding the seeds, the aroma was slightly strong... I found the smell soothing!  The salmon and shrimp katsu were perfectly breaded with panko (bread crumbs) and did not taste greasy to me at all: If you want the ultimate comfort food, I highly suggest eating at Tonkatsu Kiyoshi!  Other than the awesome food this small restaurant has a quiet, r