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Art of Flavors

Art of Flavors  is a must try dessert place in Las Vegas!  They specialize in making gelato  and only import Italian ingredients using local dairy products.  Every time I visit there's a new flavor!  I'm never disappointed with any flavor I try.  Also, the owner is nice to talk to, she explains about the gelato quite well and how she comes up with the flavors.  She encourages customers to sample as much gelato as possible!  Interesting flavors include: Blueberry Pancake with Maple Syrup and Dried Blueberries, Almond Turrone , Panettone , Italian Donuts, Avocado , Sweet Corn , Peanut Butter , Cookies and Cream , Chocolate, Peppermint, Chocolate Mint, Fior di latte , and Hazelnut . Small cup of gelato:

Parma by Chef Marc

I gotta say, eating at  Parma by Chef Marc was truly one of the best pastas I've had.  Just to describe their food in a few words: handmade and perfectly al dente .  There's not much else for me to say other than just eat at Parma and you'll know what I mean... You can just tell by my photos!

SnowFlake Shavery

I've been to  SnowFlake Shavery  a few times and I must say, this is one of my favorite dessert places in town!  No matter what kind of weather it is, I'm there!  The "snow" that they make is finer than shaved ice, it is fine to the point that it has a fluffy texture.  You may choose a combo or customize your dessert.  They make an assortment of flavors such as Vanilla, Green Tea , Black Sesame , Chocolate, Strawberry, Mango, and Coconut.  After you choose your flavor, you may choose toppings or any sweet sauces for an additional cost. Last October they served a limited supply of Pumpkin Spice.  I chose to have it topped with sweet condensed milk and graham crackers on the bottom.  It tasted as if I were eating a fluffy pumpkin pie: A new seasonal flavor that they currently serve is Cookie Butter!  If you haven't tried Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Butter , where this snow's flavor is based from, you're definitely missing out.  This sno

New Mexico Trip '13

Last month we took a short trip to Albuquerque .  The foods there took me by surprise especially when a lot of their foods had green chile in them!  I guess its a New Mexico thing: Grove Cafe & Market So I had to come to this restaurant because it was in Breaking Bad .  What I like about Grove Cafe is they aim to serve the highest quality of food.  I think the photos speaks for themselves!  My friend got the Poached Eggs with ham, prosciutto, asparagus, and parmesan: I got the  Grove Pancakes  with fruit and  crème fraîche .  These aren't your typical pancakes!  They were flat, bit greasier than the usual fluffy pancake, but yet  they tasted great  and wholesome with the fruit and crème: Mimosa Time: You Breaking Bad fans should recognize this area: The Grove Cafe was busy, but they were fast to me with the food coming out, I was impressed!  I wouldn't mind eating here if I visit Albuquerque again :) Marble Brewery My fri

Echo & Rig

One of the new Las Vegas restaurants to eat at is  Echo & Rig , located in Tivoli Village : One unique thing about this steakhouse is that they have butchers!  So if you really enjoyed their meats, you can learn more from a professional and bring some meat home: Echo & Rig specializes in assortment of steaks: We had heard that people raved over their Portobello Fries with Herb Aioli .  These thick slices of portobello fries were absolutely delicious!  This appetizer is worth trying: My friends got the  Bone Marrow Carne Asada : I wanted to try a vegetable appetizer, so I ordered the Pumpkin Squash, Rosemary & Brown Sugar.   It was nicely cooked by it not being soggy, and light in sweetness: Entree time!  These all cost $17.70, not bad for paying for fine quality meats.  I got to sample each of my friends' dishes and I could taste the freshness and juiciness in each of them, especially the lamb: I had the  Mary’s Chicken-