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More Yard House

Pan Seared Ahi - ahi (tuna) is seared rare over brown rice, asparagus, chinese black bean sauce and fried basil.

I Can't Live Without...

Anyways this is one of my favorite brands of rice:


The morning I went to Hash House a Go Go, I came starving because they serve ridiculously huge servings of food! There was a 40 minute wait, but I didn't care! I had driven a long way just to eat there:

The long wait was worth it!  This was my Hash House Quesadilla - stuffed w/ potatoes, jalapenos, eggs, tomato, chili cream:
My Mango Coconut Flapjacks - witheggs and crispy potatoes. This was 2X wider than my waist:

The damage:

I love the quality and amount of flavor they put in their foods, I can't wait to go back to Hash House a Go Go again :)

Chiliiiiii Peppperrs!

Being in college has caused me not to have much time to watch tv. I try to catch up with my favorite shows whenever I can. Today I watched the Man v. Food episode in San Antonio, TX. Here's a clip of Adam Richman at Chunky's Burgers taking on the Four Horseman Challenge - eat a whole half pound burger topped with the most spiciest chillis in the world including the Ghost Chili, its 400 times hotter than Tabasco Hot Sauce!

Ice Cream Cover

This cover from Las Vegas Weekly makes me happy and salivate just by looking at it haha:

Complimentary dinner at LAVO

For GNO (girls' night out) we ate at LAVO Italian Restaurant & Nightclub. I had always heard good things about this restaurant! Out of all the other restaurants that I had complimentary dinners at, LAVO gives the most generous servings and one free drink! I started off drinking a Sicilian Sun - Charbay Blood Orange Vodka, orange, and lemon juices. It was mixed well and it wasn't drenched in too much alcohol. From what I remember, they gave us, a party of 8: salad, pizza, spaghetti with peas (my favorite dish), cheese sticks, Crispy Zucchini, Crispy Fried Calamari (I could tell it was fresh), and Chicken Parmagiano!When our waiter found out one of the girls just turned 21, he brought a big slice of a chocolate cake! Some of us came starving and still couldn't finish everything! I love LAVO!