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DJ Bibingkahan

When it comes to Filipino food, its prepared differently no matter what Philippine region you go to even if its the same dish.  Same exact thing when it comes to Filipino restaurants, the same dishes are prepared slightly different wherever you go.   DJ Bibingkahan  makes Filipino food just the way I like it because its similar to my family's style of cooking.  I love this restaurant so much that I made a screen name of mine close to the English translation of DJ Bibingkahan (I know that makes me sound like a dork). Lately I've been coming here for breakfast.  They have a special on selected breakfast dishes for only 3 bucks including coffee!  Some of the dishes included in the special are  Tocilog - a combo of fried rice, egg, and tocino  (cured meat): and Bangusilog - fried rice, egg, and bangus (milkfish): These dishes may look plain, but its full of flavor and salt! So if you're down to eat a Filipino breakfast, come to DJ Bibingkahan ;)

Aces & Ales

I've noticed every time I ask a friend who recently turned 21 (or close to it) if they like beer they say no in a disgusting matter! Its either they've a)  drank only domestic beer or b)  are stuck in that phase where they just want to get drunk fast. I wish I could get my young friends out of that phase by bringing them to Aces & Ales  to enjoy the taste of beer. Its a great place for beer enthusiasts located on the east side of Las Vegas. A variety of craft beers  are served here - basically beers that are made by small, independent brewers with only traditional brewing ingredients such as malt, hops, yeast and water, and brewed with traditional brewing methods ( ). From the huge board that listed the craft beers offered, I chose the Dogfish Head  Sah'tea  - a modern update of ninth century Finnish proto-beer.  This smooth beer was marvelous! My taste buds could feel the chai, berries, spices, and beer blend well together.  I'm getting t

Vacation with the Ohana

During the week of Christmas 2010, I went to Washington to spend the holiday with my future in-laws.  We ate homemade Hawaiian style foods everyday! This was a nice airline food menu with a very welcoming introduction: Kudos to Alaska Airlines for promoting healthy foods! The rest of the gang was already there before my fiance and I arrived and were making rainbow cupcakes : They look like lava on the outside... But colorful inside!! If you know anything about local Hawaiian grindz , it consist about 90% of MEAT  (combined with starchy foods like rice and poi ).  This vacation was a carnivore packed weekend.  For breakfast, we ate eggs and Portuguese sausages  with rice everyday.  I ate other breakfast foods like oatmeal, cereal, toast, and then I cooked eggs right after.  I couldn't resist... I love eggs! Here's my uncle grilling steaks: I'm not a big meat eater, but I can pound some steak haha: My aunty made c