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I recently drank  KAPPA Pisco  for the first time!  Here's a little background on this drink: KAPPA Pisco is a very clear drink! Pisco is a grape brandy produce in parts of Chile and Peru, and is a popular drink in those countries.  KAPPA in particular, makes their pisco with plenty of sunshine,  muscat grapes , and water from the Andes  in Chile's Elqui Valley !  When I opened my bottle, the drink smelled quite strong.  I knew right away I was in for a treat! If you go to the KAPPA Pisco website , they provide a list of cocktail recipes to try. One interesting recipe I saw was the KAPPA Sour: I never thought of putting an egg white in a cocktail before. It sounds great, I can't wait to make it! The cocktail I had so far was the KAPPA Fresca.  This recipe is simple, yet so refreshing: I've heard KAPPA Pisco is only sold in select areas of the US and will be arriving to Las Vegas this February... So get ready Las Vegans!  This spirit


Umiya  (formerly known as Kaizen) on Flamingo Rd & Arville St has quite an interesting AYCE sushi menu.  Other than sushi and seafood items, an array of Japanese foods are featured like Monkey Brain . I wasn't adventurous enough to eat Monkey Brain , I don't know if I ever will! Another great thing about Umiya is when you are an AYCE sushi patron, you have the choice of having all you can drink alcohol for just $10 more!  There's a set menu for that also.  You can choose certain sakes, wines, and beers... What a deal!! Our sushi chef, Eric, was nice to give my friend and I custom rolls based off our favorite fishes. This was my hamachi special roll :) This roll came with red onions, tobiko (flying fish roe), shrimp tempura , green onions, and a special sauce...  Such a wonderful combo! Jordan's white tuna special roll thats garnished with a lot of fried garlic! A lovely picture of our sushi chef, he was so funny! Baked Mussels

Hawaii Trip & ABK Wedding '12

This past December I went to Oahu to get married!  Since planning for my wedding was my priority, I didn't really plan to eat anywhere in particular.  I just went with the flow and ate at places wherever my friends and family wanted to eat at.  Here are some places we ate out at during our trip: Pancakes & Waffles  On the morning of my arrival we to Pancakes & Waffles  for breakfast.  Its a small restaurant and was busy the day we went, luckily our food came out relatively fast! My uncle had the Fried Chicken & Waffle .  This picture makes the food smaller than it seems, I was impressed by the portion size, I didn't know pieces of chicken could be  that big (all thanks to genetic modification)!  My meal, the Mini Breakfast Special  was smaller compared to everyone else's.  For this special you get to choose 1) how you want your eggs cooked 2) choose pancakes, toast, fries or rice and 3) choose bacon, link sausage, Spam , or Portuguese Sa

Bund Shanghai

Lately I've been going to new restaurants that recently opened in town like Bund Shanghai Restaurant, which serves  Cantonese  style food.  The name of this restaurant is named after The  Bund , a historic landmark/waterfront area in Shanghai , which makes it a popular tourist destination: Located on corner of Spring Mtn Rd. & Decatur Blvd Quiet and peaceful atmosphere Nice table marker Table booths  Menu My friends and I shared each of our meals.  I shared my tofu dish that I enjoyed because of it's big portion, the sauce used, and it wasn't drenched in oil.  Also we shared some soup, fish, and noodle dishes, which were all delightful. The menu has pictures of many items, I think enough to make you drool!   Here are some pages (click on a photo to enlarge): I thought their food was great and had a lot of traditional dishes to choose from, therefore I recommend eating at Bund Shanghai Restaurant!