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Poker Night

I give kudos to Bronsen and Zach for setting up these appetizers in 15 minutes before our friends arrived. I love how they presented the foods! They made: a veggie platter with carrots, broccoli, and mushrooms (I know its not a veggie) with ranch dressing, quesadillas with chunky salsa, Maui onion chips with creamy spinach dip, tortilla chips, and Bronsen's, "Last Minute Pepper Shrimp" which I forgot to take a picture of =(

Freakin' Frog

I love hanging out at the Freakin' Frog ! They have many selections of beers to choose from, good ol' greasy bar food, and great live music playing there like this band, Seven Car Pileup : Men and beers: I wanted to see how freakin' hot J'Lyn's Lucifer Burger was since it was eye catching on the menu: They put a shitload of hot sauce in the burger!! I'm glad I have a pretty decent tolerance of eating hot and spicy food. This only burned my mouth about 5 minutes with every bite! I should have asked what brand of hot sauce they put! I loved how the bacon strips accented the burger because it's sweetness counteracted with the burger's spiciness: This was Megan's nice, dark beer. The glass and design reminded me of what a king would drink:

Paymon's Mediterranean Cafe & Lounge

After spending three and a half hours of intense studying, me, Nessa, & Irene ate lunch at Paymon's Mediterranean Cafe & Lounge next to UNLV. Upon entering the cafe, I smelled the exotic aroma, enjoyed looking at the decor of the place, and fell in love with the cozy atmosphere. This was my Spinach Pie aka Spanakopita with Mediterranean vegetables and vermicelli pilaf. The dish was so big that I saved the rest for Bronsen to eat later on. He said it was like a gourmet lunch! Nessa tried the Pesto Pasta with grilled chicken breast, the sauce was lovely. I think that's the name of it! Irene ordered a gyro with rotisserie beef and lamb and vegetables and Athens Fries. The sauce that accompanied the fries were yummy too, it had a strong distinct taste. The gyro was about the size of Irene's stomach! It was a struggle for her eating it haha

Inaka Sushi

On Easter, I went to Inaka Sushi on Eastern Ave and St. Rose Pkwy in Henderson. What a way to celebrate the holiday =D When opening the door of the place, it hits a chime that makes a magical sound that reminds me of going to wonderland or some kids show haha. They have one of the sauciest special rolls I've ever tried like the Inaka Roll, which makes it yummy! My other favorite is the Hello Kitty Roll because of its crunchiness. Fresh sushi! Guess which one is the Inaka Roll:

Sam Woo BBQ Restaurant

I think I've ate at Sam Woo BBQ Restauant over a hundred times. This Chinese restaurant is authentic enough to me! This last visit was special because it was Reggie's first time eating at Chinatown =) Reggie ordered the Kung Pao Chicken and Young Chow Fried Rice, Bronsen ordered his favorite lo mein dish with oyster sauce, and I ate the Turnip, Pig's Blood, and Intestines. Its not that weird for me choosing this since I grew eating the Filipino pork blood stew, Dinuguan . Reggie got excited waiting for my food haha: The intestines had a rubbery texture, but still tasted like meat. It tasted better when eating together with the turnips.

Bonnie Springs Ranch Restaurant

Before hiking out in Red Rock Canyon, my friends and I went to Bonnie Springs Ranch Restaurant . They had all the typical American hamburgers, fries, salads, and ribs. The only entrée that stood out of the rest was the Organic Bison Burger with Jack Cheese and Fries. That's something you don't see when going to fast food places! I tried it of course...Its the most smokiest burger I've had.

Yama Sushi 10th Anniversary

  Yama Sushi is my favorite place for all you can eat sushi! A couple of special rolls I recommend is the Harry Potter Roll (not because I like the book series) and the Yama Crunch Roll. After eating from my last visit, I was given a paper slip. I misread it thinking I'd get a free cup of tea for my next visit, actually I got a free tea cup because of their 10 year anniversary: