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Japanese, Mexican, American, and Filipino Food!

JAPANESE FOOD I officially kicked off my summer on the 1st week of May by eating at Yama Sushi for the 30th+ time haha... My sushi partners were Iza and Nessa. I think we ordered about 11 rolls, which was a lot for our tummies! Ready to eat with the chopsticks! My dining partners A lot of spicy tuna on top yumm Mochi ice cream to the left and green tea ice cream to the right I ate at Yama Sushi AGAIN the other night with Inna, Wendell and their relatives. I had the best service I ever had from them! Maybe because we had this awesome waitress who I've never seen before serve us and I guess they made our sushi fast because our party was big. I love the quality of food served here in Yama Sushi.  I tend to compare the difference in the fish quality of another restaurant to Yama.  Some special rolls I recommend is the Screaming Orgasm (it really melts in your mouth), if you enjoy the taste of garlic try the Harry Potter Roll , and the Y

Cake Cake Cake

The last couple of weeks was full of celebration! Last Monday was my last day of training to be a nursing assistant. Well instead of training, my class and I just wanted to go straight to our picnic to eat sugary foods and drinks for a not so healthy breakfast! We ate muffins, animal crackers, wafers, Capri Sun, Tampico juice, apples w/ caramel dip and cake: My instructor, Enid, picked out a cute little white cake with buttery cream frosting! On Saturday night I went to my lovely friend's graduation party. It was journey to get her place (meaning getting lost along the way), I'm glad I made it on time! I loved the wonderful presentation of all the Filipino desserts, cookies, and cupcakes surrounding the cake. The Filipino desserts consisted of fruit salad on the very right, next to it are desserts made of sweet rice prepared in different ways! The three white ones are puto , which are steamed rice muffins, and sorry I can't remember the rest of the

Traditional Russian Foods

On Orthodox Easter, Reggie introduced to me some of the traditional Russian foods eaten for this holiday. I kind of had an idea of what she'd prepare because she made me side foods before like carrots and onions marinated in vinegar. I asked her to help me out with this entry (her words are in italic) because I don't remember everything that was in each dish. Thanks Reggie <3 Name: Kvas Contents: fermented rye bread, carbonation (can be compared to American Root Beer) Kvas tasted way better than root beer! The awards on the side of the bottle proved it: Name: Venigrette Contents: potatoes, pickles, sauerkraut, beans, beets, vinegar, & a little bit of veg. oil I absolutely loved the strong vinegar taste to this salad, I miss it: Name: Olivye Contents: potatoes, carrots, sausage, peas, eggs, pickles, sour creme & mayonaise, pepper & salt. This potato salad tasted like any other potato salad I've tasted except it was lightly flavored. I liked it this way b