Monday, November 12, 2012

Veggie House | Vegan Vegetarian Chinese Restaurant

If Veggie House had a different name, not mentioning that it was a vegetarian/vegan restaurant, I would not tell at all that their poultry, red meat, and seafood dishes were meatless!  I was amazed by the lunch I had, it was definitely one of the best Chinese meals I've had:

Our waitress suggested this spinach appetizer.
I don't know what kind of sauce it was sauteed
in, but its flavor was subtle yet unique.

Being the curry lover that I am, I got the Curry
Chicken with Potato
.  I seriously couldn't tell
that the meats were fake, it was so good!

My fiance got the General
Tzo Chicken.
  It was a delight!
This dish's deep fried batter
to chicken ratio was about even.

This is one of the restaurants in China Town area I highly recommend going to... Even to meat lovers too!  You'll be satisfied! 

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