Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sushi On Rainbow

There are a few sushi restaurants in Las Vegas that are actually Japanese owned.  Sushi on Rainbow is one of them!  This is a small, cozy restaurant and from what I remember, they offer specials on certain days and times.  I think the evening we went there was an all you can drink special! 

There was Japanese art all around

I appreciate this sign!

Sake Shooter with quail egg.  We each downed
a sake shooter and were impressed by this
drink!  The sake masked the egg's texture and
the flavors of the drink and egg was quite good!
If you're feeling adventurous, I recommend trying this.

I love nigiri

One of the specials from the AYCE menu, Mt. Fuji,
a mini sushi cake!

Tamago- A Japanese style omelette served in the form
of nigiri. 

If you chose to do the AYCE, there's plenty of sushi and other Japanese dishes to chose from that menu.  Their quality of seafood was indeed fresh!  Sushi on Rainbow has now made it to my "AYCE Sushi Places To Visit Regularly" list :) 

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