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Oregon Trip '13

Last March, my husband, friends, and I went to Oregon for business, but of course we had to have fun too while we were there.  As you know (if you can't tell by my blog), fun to me is exploring new eats and drinks!

Round 1:Trying a Red Chair from  Deschutes Brewery
after arriving.  This is made with seven kinds of malts.

Round 2: This Chainbreaker White IPA
is brewed with wheat and pilsner malt;
accompanied with a 'citrusy' taste.  I swear
the other beers in background aren't mine!

Flat Tail Brewery

The first local restaurant we went to during our trip was at Flat Tail Brewery in Corvallis.  We were all craving burgers and fries, I'm glad that we ate from Flat Tail because they were all great quality bar foods.  As for the beers, I really liked the variety of beers they served!  As an out of towner, I was amazed by the orange decorated all over the restaurant.  They really have Beaver fever!  Made me wish there were more bar/restaurants that showed more pride for The Rebels back in Las Vegas.

Flat Tail Brewing.

I was craving a hamburger and waffles, it had been awhile since I last had one!

OMG look at those tater tots haha

Growlers to take home

Flat Tail Brewery on Urbanspoon

Broken Yolk Cafe

The next morning we went to The Broken Yolk Cafe.  This local restaurant was quite busy and we had to wait to be seated, but it was worth it!  There was a lot of specialty breakfast dishes:

Our scrumptious meals:

Broken Yolk Cafe on Urbanspoon

North 45 Pub

In Portland we did some bar hopping!  The first stop was at North 45 Pub.  This was a small and intimate pub and had quite a selection of beer.  We came in time at 4:00 for Happy Hour: 

Old World Beers:

We all had some calamari to avoid getting wasted haha.  I loved how this was cooked, the calamari did not taste rubbery:

I decided to get this Orval beer all the way from an abbey in Belgium, to me the taste of it was quite unique due to the spices used:  

North 45 on Urbanspoon

The Mellow Mushroom,  we didn't get the chance to come here.  But the exterior looks really cool!

Rogue Distillery & Public House

My favorite part about Rogue was the customized sample set of beers we got.  We ordered most of the drinks from the menu and sampled each other beer samples!  It was awesome tasting different kinds of beers and noticing each of their distinctions.  My absolute favorites were the Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout and Morimoto Soba Ale:

Rogue Distillery & Public House on Urbanspoon

Bridgeport Brewpub

Our next stop was at Bridgeport.  BTW I like their slogan - "The Beer Comes First We Don't Care What's Second.  Long Live Beervana"  By this time 
I was already slowing down beer wise... I know I'm a light weight!  I was able to drink this though:  

These chicken wings had a great marinade:

My friend told me Bridgeport is also known for their pizzas.  I totally agree with him... This is so far one of the the best pizzas I've had.  The dough was soft, especially the crust.  It was a bit fluffy as you can see this photo:  

The Hawthorne- Topped with artichoke hearts, red onion, spinach, feta,
parmesan, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted garlic olive oil

Bridgeport Brewpub & Bakery on Urbanspoon

Blue Moon Tavern & Grill

By the time we were at Blue Moon, I was so stuffed that I wanted to refrain eating and drinking!  But my friend persuaded me to try their Cajun Tater Tots.  The spices and ranch that came with these tots made them addicting to me.  I couldn't stop, potatoes are my weakness!

These tots came with Cajun peppercorn ranch

Other than the tots, I enjoyed the atmosphere of Blue Moon.  It felt relaxed, a bit quieter than the rest of the bars we went.  I guess it was the perfect place to go to wind down and end the night!

Blue Moon Tavern & Grill on Urbanspoon

Green Beans Coffee and Tea 

The next morning we went to Green Beans Coffee and Tea to start off the day.  We of course ordered directly from the menu, except my friend, he asked the barista if she could surprise him with a drink. She didn't mind and made him a "special drink."  I wonder what it really was...

You can bring your dog inside!

Nice little coffee and tea shop

Green Beans Coffee and Tea on Urbanspoon

We walked around and saw some interesting shops/restaurants:

Screen Door

The Screen Door had a very long wait time (thats why we were wandering around in the area).  They specialize in Southern Cuisine:

They had such a creative menu and a lot to choose from:

A po' boy sandwich:

I got one of the specials, oh how I love hash potatoes:


Despite this restaurant being ultra busy, the service and the food we received was awesome!  

Screen Door on Urbanspoon

Later on that evening we had went inside The Pope House and wanted to try their drinks, but it was a full house, literally!  We didn't want to wait long again, so we had to leave.  I hope to return back to The Pope House the next time I visit:

Muu-Muu's  Restaurant and Bar

During our journey in Downtown Portland, we wandered into Muu-Muu's.  I like their concept of serving comfort foods from different cuisines.  For example, I got this Green Coconut Curry, which is from Thai cuisine:

Loved the plenty of vegetables that came with this dish!

Muu-Muus on Urbanspoon

Dutch Bros. Coffee

On the last day of our trip, we drove back to Corvallis and decided to get coffee from Dutch Bros, to-go!  There's a lot of Dutch Bros. Coffee in Oregon.  I liked how this local company had little shops located all over town:

Cute cup!  The lids have different sayings on top to brighten up your day:

Mo's Annex

We left Corvallis and headed to Newport.  We ate lunch at Mo's Seafood Restaurant because we were craving for clam chowder and this place caught our eyes:

A sample plate of shrimp cocktail, oyster shooter, grilled shrimp, and clams:

Oyster Shooters:


I had the Oregon Oyster Burger, it tasted delicious with the sauce.  As for the clam chowder, it was rich and and tasty.  I'm so glad that we chose to eat at Mo's: 

Look at that clam chowder:

Mo's Annex @ Newport Bayfront on Urbanspoon

Before I left Oregon I grabbed me some salt water taffy.  I'm not much of a candy person, but I consider taffy an exception especially this one.  I definitely tasted the difference of this salt water taffy and any other regular taffy I've had.  I don't think I'll eat any other taffy again unless its salt water taffy!

Never thought of this haha:

Visiting Oregon was a positive experience for me food wise.  Just being there for only a few days wasn't enough to explore a full range of their foods and drinks.  I hope to return to Oregon again and do more exploring!

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