Monday, July 27, 2009

Sushi Twister!

Sushi Twister is the only 'All You Can Eat Sushi' place near my house so I've been here many times. Whenever I come to Sushi Twister, the top three special rolls I always have to order are the Sushi Twister, their signature roll consisting of shrimp tempura & cucumber wrapped in tuna, topped with Twister’s Japanese Salsa Sauce, Kill Samurai with spicy tuna on shrimp tempura wrapped with albacore, served w/ Japanese salsa sauce, and Salmon Loves Lemon, a simple California Roll wrapped with salmon, topped with sliced lemon (I've mentioned before in a previous entry that I LOVE foods with lemon). If you like anime and you come at a right time, they usually play movies by Hayao Miyazaki on their big projector screen!

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