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Buca Di Beppo

For my 23rd birthday, my parents treated me dinner to Buca di Beppo (From Wikipedia, the name means, "Joe's Basement"). The small family sized plates were more than enough to feed me and my family! I loovvee the sauces they put on their pastas! It amazed me how much art and decor was all over the ristorante. It was like an Italian American museum!

                                                My dad wanted to replace Danny Devito:

This was a whole lot of food! I ordered the Gnocchi Al Telefono (tender gnocchi tossed with fresh mozzarella in light roasted garlic marinara and a touch of cream). I love this pasta because there's potatoes made within the pasta and it reminds me of good times I had in my culinary class last year. My parents shared Ravioli Al Pomodoro (cheese-filled ravioli served with our homemade marinara sauce), and Bronsen had an Eggplant Parmigiana (breaded and fried eggplant slices topped with marinara, fresh tomatoes, basil and mozzarella, then baked). It was enormous!

A close up of the Eggplant Parmigiana. It looked a turtle shell!

I was surprised I didn't get my place mat messy.. I'm usually a messy eater!

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