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Studio B

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During the 4th of July weekend, we went to Studio B - located at M Resort Spa Casino (one of my favorite casinos off the Strip). I should've not arrived there starving because we waited an agonizing hour in line =( Alika described the area waiting in line as Hell, the area waiting to get a table after you've paid feels like you're in Purgatory, and entering the bright buffet feels like you're in Heaven! Luckily while we were waiting, the guys got everyone drinks from the complimentary soda fountains to help raise our blood sugar levels.

Despite the agonizing wait, I really enjoyed their food! The seafood, mashed potatoes, desserts was awesome in my opinion. There was a huge variety of foods even though it was seafood night! They also offer free beer and wine - I think they're the only buffet in Las Vegas/Henderson to do this! Hopefully next time I go here, there'll be a chef cooking in the cooking studio (another unique part to this buffet!).

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