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Grab a Bottle of KAPPA Pisco!

If you read my entry about KAPPA Pisco from last January, this Chilean drink is now available in Las Vegas!  KAPPA Pisco is currently available at these following Lee’s Discount Liquor store locations:

· 3480 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas
· 780 S Rampart Blvd, Las Vegas
· 1780 S Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas
· 4230 S Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas

If you want to enjoy a cocktail with KAPPA Pisco on the Strip, the Wynn’s Parasol Up and Down bars offer a Berry Pisco Punch with KAPPA on their new summer cocktail menu.  This cocktail is made up of strawberry and pineapple infused KAPPA Pisco, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, and lemon and pineapple juices.  Or head up to Pub 1842 at the MGM Grand for the Prison Hooch cocktail created by mixologist Carlo Splendorini.  This cocktail combines KAPPA Pisco with pineapple-jalapeno gomme and fresh lime juice... This drink sounds like it'll give a kick in your mouth, but in a good way!


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Eating at Kabuto was a wonderful dining and learning experience for my fiance and I.  If you are truly a sushi/Japanese food enthusiast and am willing to pay $$$ for what you get, you must come to Kabuto!

We each ordered some à la carte items and the Nigiri Omakase, which includes an appetizer, ten pieces of sushi nigiri, hand roll, and dessert.  Our chef was the general manager, he's such a knowledgeable man!  He told us about the distinctive features of each fish, what his job entails, and funny stories.  I'm so glad he was our chef!

Since we sat at the bar, we were up close to see how our sushi chef worked.  He wasn't in a rush and we got to see the artistic side of how sushi is made. This made me appreciate my experience at Kabuto much more:

Last note: Finding this place was also a learning experience for us, you may get aggravated looking for it in the strip mall... Kabuto is there! AND it's important to make a reservation before coming in because Kabuto is a very …

Japan Trip '16: Kanazawa and Tokyo

Continuing on from my last post, Japan Trip '16: Osaka, when we left Osaka, we travelled up north to Kanazawa then travelled to Tokyo where we stayed for the remainder of our trip.

We made a stop at Kyoto to do some sightseeing and snacked from bento boxes before we went on our trek:

The Japanese make cute stuff out of everything.  Yes, even food.  Kawaii desu ne:

After a long walk seeing the Arashiyama Bamboo Groove, we saw Taiyaki for the first time!  This fluffy fish-shaped cake is made out pancake or waffle batter and is usually filled with green tea, custard, or red bean paste (from sweetened adzuki beans) as seen here:

Hacchoya was the first restaurant we ate at when we arrived in Kanazawa.  This was a very nice and chic izakaya (Japanese tavern).  When we arrived it was crowded with business people dining and had a smoky atmosphere.  I hate smoke, but it won't stop me from trying new foods!  Other than eating, be sure to try the local sakes that Hacchoya has to offer.  He…


When I heard that my friends wanted to meet up at the new local lounge, Elixir to watch a football game, I assumed this place would be like some neighborhood bars - a lot of drinks, but with subpar food... I was completely wrong!  Elixir had modern decor:

Interesting drinks:

And foods that are made in-house including the breads, and their meats are never frozen:

If you're looking for a different bar to watch a sports game, I recommend going to Elixir!  This lounge has a nice, chill atmosphere.  Also, their Happy Hour Specials have a lot to offer (there are new items that aren't in their site yet).