Monday, September 30, 2013


When I heard that my friends wanted to meet up at the new local lounge, Elixir to watch a football game, I assumed this place would be like some neighborhood bars - a lot of drinks, but with subpar food... I was completely wrong!  Elixir had modern decor:

Interesting drinks:

The Elixir- This house specialty combines Absolut
Citron Vodka, PAMA Liqeur, fresh lemon and
Marasca Cherry Juice w/ candy garnish. 

And foods that are made in-house including the breads, and their meats are never frozen:

Buffalo Chicken Sliders w/ Fries- mildly spicy and a nice light meal to
watch during the game.

If you're looking for a different bar to watch a sports game, I recommend going to Elixir!  This lounge has a nice, chill atmosphere.  Also, their Happy Hour Specials have a lot to offer (there are new items that aren't in their site yet).

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