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Sushi Twister!

Sushi Twister is the only 'All You Can Eat Sushi' place near my house so I've been here many times. Whenever I come to Sushi Twister, the top three special rolls I always have to order are the Sushi Twister , their signature roll consisting of shrimp tempura & cucumber wrapped in tuna, topped with Twister’s Japanese Salsa Sauce, Kill Samurai with spicy tuna on shrimp tempura wrapped with albacore, served w/ Japanese salsa sauce, and Salmon Loves Lemon , a simple California Roll wrapped with salmon, topped with sliced lemon (I've mentioned before in a previous entry that I LOVE foods with lemon). If you like anime and you come at a right time, they usually play movies by Hayao Miyazaki on their big projector screen!

Asian Treats

Hue Thai 5115 Spring Mountain Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89146 On 7/2 I finally reunited with Michelle, my friend since middle school. She suggested for us to eat at Hue Thai , a South East Asian restaurant. We ate here a few years ago and I still remember I ordered the Curry Goat, which my body couldn't handle, but that's a different story! Their menu has so many items, that it took us about 10 minutes to decide what we wanted to eat! They're known for their Banh mi sandwiches (influenced by the Vietnamese and French), but I wasn't in the mood for eating sandwiches. I'm used to going to an Asian restaurant to eat rice or noodles...sorry I'll try them next time! For my appetizer, I chose Banh Beo Tom Tuoi (Steamed Rice Cakes with Shrimp): I ate a generous serving of Pho Ga (Chicken Rice Noodle). I love how you can put as many garnishes as you want to your pho like bean sprouts, basil, and cilantro: ~~~~~~ Long Life Vegetarian