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Cornish Pasty Co.

The Commercial Center District , near The Strip, contains shops and great restaurants, like  Cornish Pasty Co. !  This place specializes in making pasties , which are baked pastries typically with meat and vegetables as the fillings.  They're basically like "British hot pockets," but bigger, more flavorful, and comes in an assortment of fillings. The bar area: Happy Hour every day:  If you look at the  menu , there are three categories of pasties - Signature, Vegetarian & Vegan, and Premium.  I counted 37 total pasties on the menu, so for sure you'll find one that'll suit your palate!  I tried the Cottage Pie - contains seasoned ground beef, pea, carrots, grilled onions, mashed potatoes, and cheddar with a side of red wine gravy.  This was a very hearty meal, definitely something best to eat after a hard day's work or have as a hangover meal - it can go either way!  I was already full eating the first half, but could not res

Gangnam Asian BBQ

I usually have been going to Korean BBQ places that offer All-You-Can-Eat, but have noticed its a hit or miss when it comes to the meats' quality.  Me and my husband went to  Gangnam Asian BBQ , which doesn't offer AYCE, but has Happy Hour meal specials.  Happy Hour is currently everyday from 11:30am - 5:00pm then after 10pm - close, so still a good deal to me!  I was impressed with the quality of all the foods we had. This restaurant also serve soups, rice bowls, noodles, combo specials, salads, and appetizers such as this Salmon Carpaccio .   It was indeed appetizing with the garnishes that came with the fish: Since vegetables are always good for you, we had the Assorted Veggies  plate- onions, corn, zucchini, and peppers just to name a few: I was happy to see scallops on the menu!  These shellfishes are delicious and healthy: Other items I forgot to take photos of were the meats.  I must've been really hungry!  There was an average of at least