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Pam Real Thai Las Vegas

If you read a few of my latest blog posts, I mentioned there's an abundance of Chinese restaurants in Chinatown.  There's also new Asian restaurants opening every so often in this area that its hard to keep track sometimes!   Pam Real Thai  (originally from New York ) which has been in Las Vegas since last year, is worth giving a try.  They serve their foods with generous portions, so one dish can be good for two people! Thai Iced Tea to accompany my meal: We were given this simple and soothing soup with mushrooms while we waited for our foods: Fried Shrimp Rolls for our appetizer.  All of these rolls had a nice crisp and wouldn't be complete without sweet and sour sauce :  Crabmeat Fried Rice - it was our first time eating this dish.  It had a good amount of crab and IMO, the spicier the better!  Eating this fried rice with all of its garnishes- the lime, tomatoes, cucumbers and sauce are key: We shared this tofu parfait with kiwi, which w

Nosh Las Vegas

Since last September,  Nosh Las Vegas  has been hosting food tours at the Caesars Palace .  I did not know what to expect just knowing we were going to sample foods from a few restaurants at this casino.  Our guide Joel was very informative and funny.  Other than talking about the restaurants we went to, Joel gave a history lesson about Las Vegas and how it tied in with food.  Also, at these five restaurants, there was an employee or two from each one who gave us a rundown on how their establishment operates.  I don't want to delve into much of the details about this tour; you just have to go, see, and taste the food yourself! For our first stop we went to Beijing Noodle No. 9 .  They specialize in Northern Chinese cuisine -noodles are eaten more at the north and more rice is eaten at Southern China.   Pork and Shrimp Dumpling : Hand pulled noodles: Tomato and Egg with Hand Pulled Noodle , you can tell just by the first bite these were handmade and not from a f

The Wynn Buffet

There are buffets all over Las Vegas especially in the casinos/hotels.  With buffets, you should explore around to find ones that appeals to you the most.  A place I recommend eating at is  The Buffet  at the Wynn , which is one of my favorite high-end buffets on the Strip :  The meal times and prices: The whimsical-like decor:  This was one of the plates I stuffed myself with.  There are 15 (or 16?) stations there, which include salad, Asian, dessert, seafood, meat carving, Mexican, and Italian.  So there's something for everyone:

Asian BBQ & Noodles

There's an overabundance of Chinese restaurants in Las Vegas' Chinatown  all over for one to explore.  Some locals and tourists are dead set to their own favorites and Asian BBQ & Noodle is favored by many.  Their name is simple - BBQ and noodles is what this restaurant specializes in making: The Roasted Duck and Roasted Pork dishes with rice are a must try:  Roasted Duck I rarely eat pork nowadays, but when I do sample pork from different places, I'm hardly impressed.  When I first ate this roasted pork dish, my love for this red meat was reignited for a short precious time.  The spices/marinade used and whatever they do to barbecue their pork is beautiful thing: Roasted Pig My dad had asked for a side a beef tendon and they gave him a big side of it covered in a curry sauce: Also, I recommend ordering a noodle dish with your BBQ.  They serve noodle soups, chow mein, chow fun (dry), and pan-fried noodle dishes.  Lastly, if you go to A