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Julian Serrano @ Aria

For a ladies' date with my friend, we went to  Julian Serrano  at the Aria  to try some Spanish Tapas : A lovely set up Saute Mushrooms - Hedge hog mushrooms, tomato confit, and garlic demi.  These mushrooms had a really meaty texture, can't believe they were mushrooms! Brava Potatoes- These crisp potatoes were quite addicting. Vegan  Gazpacho - A Spanish chilled tomato-based soup.  Before I ate the soup, I was instructed to eat that gazpacho ball on the spoon. Right when I ate that ball, it felt like a yolk exploded in my mouth... The reaction on my face amused my friend and our server haha. I liked it, I just didn't expect that explosion! Mediterranean Bass - with donostiarra sauce, tomato confit, arbol chili, and garlic.  Churros - To be honest I was a bit reluctant to try overpriced churros. I guess I'm just used to churros for $1 or $2 at a carnival or theme park. Our waiter convinced us to try it and I'm glad he did! T

Island Malaysian Cuisine

It's been a long time since I've had Malaysian food so I chose to go to Island Malaysian Cuisine along Spring Mountain Rd.  When my fiancé and I got our appetizer and dishes we instantly could tell that this cuisine was influenced by Indian cuisine : Our appetizer Roti canai with Curry Broth.   This Indian-influenced flat bread was very thin, moist, flaky on some parts, and slightly sweet. The curry broth served as a dip which simply made this pair great! Pineapple Shrimp  served on a pineapple. The dish consisted of shrimp, slices of pineapple, onion, bell pepper, etc, and covered with curry.  Vegetable Curry came to us boiling and sizzling in a hot pot. The vegetables included were eggplant, long beans, okra, cabbage, and tomatoes. We also noticed from the last dish how much Malaysian food influences Filipino food by the mixture of foods used.  The Vegetable Curry reminded me of Sinigang (one of my favorite Filipino dishes).  I just found it so int