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Bay Area Trip '16

Last January my husband and I went on a weekend trip to the Bay area.  When we got off the plane we were starving (as usual)!  Our friends had made a list of recommended restaurants that we should try.  So when I was looking down the list, I wanted to eat somewhere where I know we'd get full for sure.   Korean BBQ at Gogi Time was the first place I chose to satisfy our bellies. Gogi Time We came to this restaurant late at night on a weekday and it was busy- a good sign that this place was legit!  If you're not familiar with eating Korean BBQ, you get banchan   (side dishes) first to eat and share with your fellow diners.  These small dishes are usually replenished throughout your whole meal: The side dishes surrounding the grill and some vegetables that we ordered as part of our main course Some of the main dishes we ordered for us to grill: Marinated beef and chicken We didn't take much photos because we were that hungry!  Overall, we were s