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Eating & Hydrating @ EDC '11

Before I talk about the food and refreshments, I just want to say that the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas was AMAZING .  In my opinion,  Insomniac Events planned EDC very well! Keeping hydrated throughout the night was the #1 importance for everyone.  There were free water refill stations and different kinds of bottles/cups to buy inside to refill with it.  Also, s nacking on fruits all night helped me stay hydrated and awake: My water bottle in my favorite color: EDC had foods that you'd typically find at any carnival: Thai food stand: In these row of tents, some sold snack foods and majority sold alcoholic beverages: Overall I was satisfied to see water refill stations and food stands stationed all over the venue... See you again next year EDC! I had a blast!!

Frankie's Tiki Room

Don't be fooled by  Frankie's Tiki Room 's plain exterior, it's interior is quite the opposite inside with tropical decor (as seen in the photo below) and fun vibe! I was impressed by Frankie's  menu 's long list of their own original concoctions, which made it a bit of hard for me to pick a tiki drink, but eventually chose the Kahiki Kai.   I loved the creaminess and blend of the tropical fruit juices in that big goblet: Kahiki Kai-   Coconut rum, banana liqueur, & pineapple juice. At the bottom of each listed drink, there's a certain amount of skulls that represent the level of 'toxicity' of that drink.  My drink was only 2 out of 5 skulls... So if you want to go crazy, get a drink with more than 2 skulls!


Kunchorn, a Thai restaurant, recently opened this month in my neck of the woods and of course I had to check this place out!  After observing the place, it looked like a family owned establishment (?), the tables were nicely spaced out, and I liked the simple decor.  Kunchorn is definitely a place to go to if you want to have a nice, relaxing outing. Shrimp in a Blanket - Whole shrimp inside a crispy  egg roll wrapper w/ Kunchorn sweet and sour sauce. I've never seen egg rolls rolled to the shape of a shrimp.. How creative! Avacado Panang   (spicy)- Tofu (you can choose other meats) with curry paste, coconut milk, avocado, bell pepper & Thai special sauce.  The slices of avocado complicated the creaminess the panang quite well, loved it! Menu