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Kabuki Dining Bar

Kabuki Dining Bar  located on Maryland Pkwy. & Flamingo Rd. is the place to go to for fine quality Japanese food.  I love this place so much that I came here four times in one month! Kabuki is a great place, but is situated at a horrible location because it's blocked by a small building in the Target shopping center.  I just find it unfortunate that this restaurant is hidden! Anyways back to the food, they serve authentic Japanese dishes and All-You-Can-Eat Sushi: Nami Chirashi  Bowl Daisuki Roll- this wonderful roll is named after a sushi chef who works there St. George Roll - my favorite eel roll! Garlic Tuna Nigiri Green Tea Panna Cotta - a cooked cream  dessert with green tea powder FYI: If you click on the restaurant's link on top (the first link), the menu is currently not updated.


For Valentine's Day, my Valentine surprised me by bringing me to  Marssa .  I had told him I wanted to eat anywhere that had fusion cuisine, I didn't expect him to bring me to a restaurant in Lake Las Vegas! :D The Valentine Menu 2012 - We got the same dishes except for the third course Salmon Mango Cerviche-  The salmon, mango, onions, and flower (it was edible) was delectable. Lobster Salad- The arugala  went well with the tender lobster meat yummm. Crab Cakes- I wish the crab cakes were BIGGER, they were amazingly good!  I miss them dearly. Mu Shu Duck- Duck with a thin Asian pancake and huckleberry sauce. Sashimi- Fine quality tuna, salmon, Yellow tail, and white fish. Sushi Mix- Our entree! I recommend trying the Crunchy Eel, Tiger,  and Surf and Kobe Roll   Marssa's Special Selection- That chocolate fudge dessert on the right was intensely rich! I never imagined chocolate being that bold... And yes I recommend it for all y