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Good Morning Sunshine

Fluffy Bisquick pancakes with Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Chips and strawberries.

Zoozacrackers Deli

My friends and I enjoyed a comp dinner last Monday at Zoozacrackers Deli (thanks Dan!) inside the Wynn . We each had an appetizer, meal, and dessert. I was starving before I came and my three dishes filled me up quick! For my appetizer, I chose these crispy potatoes covered with melted cheese and sour cream. It looked so pretty that I didn't want to eat and ruin it's design! The potatoes were savory, I would go back there just to eat this: My Turkey Reuben sandwich was too much for me. I loved the deli turkey, wished for more sauerkraut inside, the bread was fried in too much butter for me, and was very cheesy. It was so greasy and bad for my arteries, yet so tempting for me to finish it all! I ended up only eating 1/2 of it (I saved the rest for later). I had to make more room for dessert: For dessert, I had a fat cheesecake slice with strawberries. There was a nice vanilla syrup layered on top of it: Their utensils were fancy and curvy, I had to take a pic it:

Cathay House

For my mom's birthday, we went to eat dinner at Cathay House. The last time we ate here as a family was like a decade ago! They still make good authentic Chinese food from what I remember. I ordered the Strawberry Chicken...bloody sweet! Hong Kong Style Noodles top- Crispy 1/2 Chicken left- Kung Pao Shrimp right- Tofu with Vegetables

Bridal Shower

I went to Michelle's bridal shower at Desert Breeze Park. The shower was simple and so was the food: Homemade cupcakes Grilled burgers and hotdogs


Good ol' yummy American food! Top left- Veggie Burger on a wheat bun Top right- Small Fat Burger Bottom right- Steak Fries