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Pioneer Saloon

If you're interested in exploring other parts of Nevada or just want to get away from Las Vegas,  Pioneer Saloon  in Goodsprings is the place to visit!  This saloon was built back in 1913 and is full of history : Gate to the outdoor dining area Just walk on over to the general store next to the saloon and order your food. I got the Alaskan Salmon Burger.   The patty was grilled just right!  It came with addicting kettle chips and I got to choose my toppings.  The owner recommended me to try the ghost chili sauce with my burger.  I was hesitant to get it because I can't handle very spicy foods, but he assured me it wasn't that spicy... He was right, the sauce went great with my burger! Outlaw Chicken Nachos If you want to cook your own food instead you can rent a grill and they'll supply the food! Fire pit Loaded Gun Baked Potato-  I was still hungry and got this HUGE baked potato, I think the owner was shocked that I was sti

Japanese Curry Zen

I finally got the chance to check out  Japanese Curry Zen  in Chinatown.  It is a small restaurant that serves homemade Japanese curry .  I like this place because it gives off a peaceful and relaxing vibe when you're in there.  Curry Zen's name really does say who they are! Located in the same plaza as Kabuto , Raku , Monta Ramen , etc Sitting at the bar Small menu.  Along with this, they have daily specials written out on a big chalkboard The health benefits of each spice added to their curry Chicken Cutlet Curry- I am quite a curry fanatic and this is one of the most wholesome curry dishes I've had.  The curry was thick and tasting all the spices at once made my stomach feel content.  I really wanted to lick off the remaining curry on the plate when I was done haha. There are other toppings you can add to your curry dish such as tonkatsu sauce , pickled ginger , and tiny pickled scallions .  Anyways, if you're in search of great