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FIREFLY* Tapas Kitchen and Bar

I think FIREFLY* is the first place where I've had tapas , which are Spanish chilled or hot appetizers. Whenever I pass by the FIREFLY* along Paradise Road on the weekends, it is ALWAYS packed. The cars pretty much take up all the spaces. We went to their second location in the Plaza Casino instead. I'm so glad there was no long wait to get seated. Everything we had was delightful, I can't wait to come back! There's many tapas to choose from: Patatas Bravas - roasted red potatoes in spicy aioli : Camarones a la diabla - shrimp, spicy chile sauce, and grilled bread: Smoked Salmon Toasts - brioche toast, sour cream, pickled ginger , and capers :

Pusit (Squid)

This may look gross to some, but don't be decieved! This Filipino dish is squid cooked in its own ink, spices, and etc. with rice. My uncle brought this straight from the Philippines, it was so fresh..I can't wait to go back there to eat all the foods straight from their natural source:

Big Dog's Bar and Grill

For the longest time my fiance had been raving about the home brewed root beer from Big Dog's Bar and Grill and wanted to take me there. This is the only root beer he'll drink! So I went with him to see for myself how awesome this drink was... Their home brewed root beer was so smooth, I enjoyed it :) We ate a nice dinner too. Their food was better than I expected! I had the HOLY COW! REUBEN - Corned beef, slowly cooked with their Holy Cow! Original Pale Ale, sliced and served on grilled rye with hot sauerkraut, Swiss cheese & 1000 Island: Bronsen had B OLD FASHION FISH AND CHIPS - Traditional battered Icelandic Cod, fried golden brown and served with homemade tartar sauce, lemon wedge, fresh slaw and fries: