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Vegas Bachelorette Party

Last month I went to a bachelorette party, one of the best things about it was the cake... I think it was the first time I saw one the shape of a penis in person!  The maid of honor got the cake from  Caked Las Vegas .  Caked is so great in creating cakes for special occasions that its been featured in  TLC's Fabulous Cakes : Cute phrase-  'Last fling before the ring!' The penis cake- guava cake fondant and sponge cake on the inside.  The sponge cake was quite soft and we couldn't stop eating it! She contemplated which part to cut first haha Cake pop - chocolate on the inside!

The Barrymore

I got the opportunity to enjoy a complimentary dinner at  The Barrymore  inside the Royal Resort  before it's grand opening.  I loved every aspect of this restaurant during my dining experience!  The friendly staff and their service, interior decoration, the display of wine, selection of jazz music, food quality, and reasonable prices pleased me!  I hope my pictures can give the reader an idea of what I mean: The beautiful dining room for dinner.  I don't want to spoil the surprise of what the entire place looks like.  You can look it up at another site if you're that curious...  Freshly baked bread Lobster Mac & Cheese - with mascarpone-tallegio cream sauce.  It definitely did NOT taste like it came from a box. Lobster "Deviled Eggs"  The Crispy Fried Outer Banks Calamari  - with romesco sauce (our waiter raved about it!), herbs, and lemon Pan Seared Foie Gras - Specially fattened duck or goose liver with vanilla bean French toast,

Yagyu Japanese Yakiniku Style BBQ

Yagyu Yakiniku  is one of the plethora of Asian restaurants along Spring Mountain Road that offers yakiniku , which means the Japanese style of cooking bite sized meats or vegetables. Raw foods can be cooked over gridirons, griddles over flame of wood charcoals carbonized by dry distillation (炭火), or a gas/electric grill: Their Exotic Combo was tempting, but I'm not really a fan of beef tongue: My foodie friend and I shared dishes together, this included chicken: two orders of Kalbi Beef:  and nicely cut vegetables (the red corn was my favorite!): Grilling away: In my opinion, I really got what I paid for. These high quality meats and fresh vegetables were delicious with every bite.  I look forward to trying other items off their menu next time I visit! P.S. - This restaurant is also known for their ice cold beer!