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Other Mama

It's been awhile since I've blogged about a restaurant in my hometown, Las Vegas!  Being a new parent has made me busy bee, so I have been putting up quick posts on the @CheerUpWithFood  Instagram here and there instead.  I will continue blogging when I get the chance though!   Over the weekend I dined at Other Mama .  Since I'm a big seafood lover, it was hard to decide what I wanted to try.  As you can see on Daily Specials, they offer an interesting variety of seafood: Daily Specials! They also serve beer, wine, and cocktails: Try saying the name of this brewery seven times In Vegas it's not often that you see Hush Puppies (cornbread balls) on a menu so I had to try their rendition.  These appetizers were soft, fluffy and it's subtle sweetness hit the spot: Hush Puppies On to the raw delights: Amberjack Crudo- garnished with meyer lemon, radish, and chives There were four types of oysters being served as the Daily Spec