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Eating at  Kabuto  was a wonderful dining and learning experience for my fiance and I.  If you are truly a sushi / Japanese food  enthusiast and am willing to pay $$$ for what you get, you must come to Kabuto! We each ordered some à la carte items and the Nigiri Omakase , which includes an appetizer, ten pieces of sushi nigiri, hand roll, and dessert.  Our chef was the general manager, he's such a knowledgeable man!  He told us about the distinctive features of each fish, what his job entails, and funny stories.  I'm so glad he was our chef! Since we sat at the bar, we were up close to see how our sushi chef worked.  He wasn't in a rush and we got to see the artistic side of how sushi is made. This made me appreciate my experience at Kabuto much more:                    Last note : Finding this place was also a learning experience for us, you may get aggravated looking for it in the strip mall... Kabuto is th

Las Vegas Foodie Fest '12

Back in April I went to  Las Vegas Foodie Fest  on its last day, three hours before it closed... It was kind of a bad idea!  A lot of the food trucks ran out of some menu items or all of their foods!  At least those trucks were successful and we were still able to grub on some interesting foods: The first annual Las Vegas Foodie Fest The White Rabbit Truck serves Filipino fusion food. Chicken Adobo Tacos  from White Rabbit Truck My favorite dessert was from the Fluff Ice Truck , their desserts are like shaved ice, but with a twist...


I went to  I-Naba  a couple months ago and from what I can remember was that I was impressed with the Zuke Tuna Bowl Combination portion wise!  I got to choose what kind of noodles I wanted with my tuna bowl - udon or soba and hot or cold.  I definitely was satisfied!   I think this was the first time I had piece of Stuffed Calamari  (in tempura). Zuke Tuna Bowl Combination - Marinated tuna over a bowl of rice w/ hot soba noodles. With my bowl of noodles came a big wooden flat spoon.  Since I never seen that  spoon before, I had to make sure it was only used only for  the noodles and broth, I didn't want to make a fool of myself! Yuzu Sorbet