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Bernard's Bistro

Last month we went to  Bernard's Bistro 's second location in Henderson to try out Californian-French cuisine.  This bistro has a nice and cozy decor, which makes it very inviting. For our appetizers we tried the Ahi Tuna Tartar  (top left pic)- served with avocado, ocean seaweed, sesame wonton and ponzu sauce on an egg shell.  I especially liked the presentation of this app, it was so nicely done that I didn't want to eat it!  All the garnishes complimented the ahi well.  The second app we got was the Escargot Belle Époque (top right pic)- land snails, mushrooms and tomatoes in garlic butter sauce.  To me, the sauce wasn't too buttery and I was able to taste the escargot. The entrees we chose were the Argentinian Pan Roasted Organic Chicken Chimichuri (middle left pic)- with roasted potatoes, seasonal vegetables and pine nut chimichuri sauce; the second entree was  Bistro Prime Cheese Burger  (middle pic)- comes with caramelized onions and raisins with their ho

Rose. Rabbit. Lie.

Rose. Rabbit. Lie  at The Cosmopolitan is one of the most interesting places I've been to on  The Strip .  I feel like I've fallen down the rabbit hole like Alice and somehow landed at this restaurant!  Rose. Rabbit. Lie. has multiple rooms that has a bar, speakeasy (separate drink menu from the bar), and has a show called Vegas Nocturne that plays at three different times throughout the night w/ different prices per time slot.  We opted to just dine in and will watch the show at another time.  Just eating at the dining room was great experience for me and my group! The lovely dining room- I love how detailed everything was from the silverware, menu, and to the art: Rose. Rabbit. Lie. has a creative drink menu.  The drinks on the top are  Chrysanthemum and   Mark Twain .  At the bottom is  Floradora Imperial  and Vivante Water - Earth friendly water: This restaurant serves tapa style dishes, I was impressed with each of them :) The dishes in this photo

Dessy B's Steakhouse

On Tropicana Ave. and Eastern Ave. lies  Dessy B's Steakhouse , a small family restaurant specializing in steaks, hamburgers, chicken, seafood, pastas, BBQ, and has a salad bar.  It used to be Sizzler, but once it closed the former district manager wanted to open up his own restaurant and that's how Dessy B's came to be (named after his daughter).  The interior has somewhat remnants of the old Sizzler and has a western theme to it. I ordered the Steak & Grilled Chicken  with a baked potato .   The sauce I chose for my chicken was the lemon caper because I'm sure I never had it before.  The lemon caper sauce was subtle with a bit sourness from the lemon.  Other choices of sauce include BBQ, teriyaki, and Baja: I was satisfied with the size of my meal.  The steak was 6 oz. and the chicken breast looked normal sized, not like big ones that's obviously been added with hormones!  I don't always need a meal with huge portions to get my money's wort

Delhi Indian Cuisine

Delhi  Indian Cuisine is one of the many restaurants located near UNLV .  It may look small from the outside, but its spacious inside!  Theres a whole area dedicated to their lunch buffet which is open daily from 11am to 3pm.  We didn't get the chance to eat at Delhi's buffet, so we just ordered from their restaurant menu . For our appetizer we had the Nepali Momos- made from a thin dough skin stuffed with fine chopped vegetables and steamed and served with special momo sauce . These dumplings are native to Nepal , similar to other Asian dumplings, but its dipping sauce ( chutney ) is what makes them unique! This is the  Tandoori  Chicken - half spring chicken marinated overnight with yogurt, herbs and spices then finished in a clay oven served with mint and tamarind chutneys.  This chicken is flavored nicely and a finishing touch of adding a lime all over it is to die for: Being the curry lover that I am, I ordered the Authentic Chicken Curry - a traditional

Yard House @ The LINQ

A few days before the grand opening of the  Yard House @ The LINQ , I had the pleasure of having a sneak peak of the new location and sampling some of the food from their menu.  It seemed like there was an endless amount of food that kept coming over to us during the one hour I was there!  Upon walking in I was surprised how huge the first floor was.  The interior was quite sleek and had huge ceiling fans.  At this food event we were also given two free drink tickets (wish I could have used both, but had to work right after). Here are some sample of foods we had- hamburger slider (the beef was seasoned nicely and cooked medium with a bit juiciness), Shiitake Garlic Noodles (one of my favorite appetizers), New York Steak Salad (I wish there were more greens, but I know it was a sample!), and Penne with Chicken (along with crimini mushrooms, asparagus and sun-dried tomatoes in marsala cream sauce, and parmesan): Another set of foods we tried were- Blue Crab Cakes (with mango