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Sumo Sushi

Going to  Sumo Sushi  for the first time was a complete surprise to me.  I was relieved that this restaurant wasn't crowded on a weekday unlike other popular sushi places near my home.  Also, I've never seen a sushi chef put thin slices of crab and cucumber with my ginger and wasabi: In the AYCE menu, there are a few sashimi dishes to choose from.  My favorite one was Cocaine .  This small dish was addictive as you can tell by the name: My fiancé and I really enjoyed the service from the sushi chef, Pedro.  He did such a great job that we wanted to buy him a beer, but another customer beat us!  He made all our sushi perfectly portioned rice to fish ratio: Hamachi nigiri

Ross J's Aloha Grill

A non-chain Hawaiian restaurant I enjoy eating at is  Ross J's Aloha Grill  located in Henderson.  I kind of feel like I'm back in Hawaii when I'm there.  For example, they put rice in their salt shakers (do you know why?)! I tried a big plate of  Spicy Korean Chicken .  The sauce wasn't spicy to me, but it did sure hit the spot: