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Bachi Burger

If you're a burger lover, I definitely recommend  Bachi Burger .  They're not like other specialty burger places in Las Vegas because their burgers have an Asian/Hawaiian twist to it!   Nice condiment set! Since it was my first time there, I asked my friends what I should get. They all said to try the  Ronin Burger because it's very juicy.  That description grossed me out because juicy to me = fatty goodness, but they didn't mean it as in fat they meant as in flavor.  So I ordered it and ate the fastest out of everyone...It was wonderful!  It comes   in a sweet bread bun, topped with caramelized onions, Japanese cole slaw, miso goma dressing, fried egg, katsu BBQ, and yuzu citrus aioli on the side.   I noticed on the bottom of the menu a note that said all the burgers come from cows that were only grass fed (its what's they're only supposed to eat, not corn!).  That made my day, I haven't had that kind of beef in a loong time. BTW thanks Danica for

My Cousin's Wedding

Jennifer & David's wedding 8.8.2010 Homemade chocolate cupcakes  I didn't get the chance to try the cupcakes (my mom was feeling sick so I dropped her off at the hotel).  Just by looking at them, they look perfectly delicious! Wedding cake by  Beverly's Best The food catering was provided by one of the restaurants from  The Villa del Sol .  For dinner, we all had to get our foods from a buffet line.  I prefer that than being served a pre-made plate!  I should have asked which restaurant catered the food because each item was soo good. My plate - I loved every bite of this light meal, they were seasoned just right. The couple dining first time as husband and wife A wonderful day! The pictures and info were stolen from my cousin's Facebook page :)


It was the first time me and a group of friends got to go to a nightclub on a not so busy night and sat at a table! At Blush  I was looking through the drinks menu and found some ridiculously high priced drinks: I'm glad I got free champagne though! haha

A Night Out With Jessica

On our night out, we first went to Ichiza.  Every time I come here it takes a while for me to decide what to eat because their menu is huge! Its on a piece of paper of course and all over the walls... These are some of the foods we shared:                                                                           Agedashi Tofu   Spider Roll Okra with  nattō  -  its soybeans fermented in Bacillus subtilis (good bacteria).  After I told the waitress I wanted to try this, she insisted me to not try it because other customers who have ordered it cannot stand the smell and don't even eat it.  I told her that it was alright and was willing to try it.  She said, "Ok..." reluctantly and left.  When the okra with nattō came it didn't smell odd to me.  As I ate the soybeans, it felt like sticky spider webs were on it, but it was still good to me.  So I proved my waitress wrong! Later we went to  Tea Station  and both got flavored milk drinks.  To the left is the  Taro