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Chronic Tacos

Earlier in December we checked out Chronic Tacos  located in the food court at  Palms Casino Resort .  This food chain currently has 30 locations mainly all over California and a few shops in Nevada, Arizona, and Canada: Front Chronic Tacos emphasizes on fast food that's made to order so the food you are getting is fresh!  They do not allow their food at the front to sit out for too long. Chronic Tacos prepares generous portions of Mexican food . The California Burrito with Carne Asada was my personal favorite.  As you can see there is a lot of ingredients all packed in this massive burrito!  This would be a great hangover meal ;) F r e s h  Fish Tacos- The Mahi Mahi or Ono fish is dipped in a special Tecate Beer batter and deep fried. Eating here reminded me that fast food shops are not all the same.  Chronic Tacos stays true to delivering fresh food every time to their customers!  This Chronic Tacos shop is also conveniently near the B

Jerry Bob's

Picture waking up in the morning and you're starving for a delicious breakfast.  Eggs, hash browns, toast, and a delicious cup of coffee.  If I'm in Tucson, I already know I'm hitting up Jerry Bob's . You walk in and you'll see that the staff is always nice and they'll tell you to sit wherever.  Service is super quick and if you're into couponing, check out the newspaper because Jerry Bob's always hooks it up with coupons in there. Yay coupons! I think I've ordered everything off of this menu at least once!   On this visit I had the Bacon Cheeseburger, it was juicy and deelish. A yummy hot cocoa topped with whipped cream. Hot tea set-up Half ham and cheese omelette, scattered hash browns, and choice of toast. Mickey Mouse Pancakes and a side of sausage patties. It's always a good idea to share biscuits and gravy with someone. Jerry Bob's has mu

Eegee's in the mornin', Eegee's in the evenin', Eegee's ONLY in AZ :(

Eeegee's  currently has 23 locations in Tucson, AZ and only one in Casa Grande, AZ.  Moving from Tucson to Los Angeles was a difficult one because of my beautiful and delicious Eegee's. The thought of dipping the delicious sandwich into their perfect ranch dressing makes me go mad. I wish they would expand. To Hollywood. Next door to my house. A girl can dream. On the menu: Different types of sandwiches, fries, salads, cookies, pretzels, and of course their famous frozen drink- The Eegee. The delicious Ranch Fries.  Crispy crinkle fries topped with their signature ranch and yummy bacon bits.  All of the catsup in the background were also used for these babies.  Don't be shy to use your hands. Pizza Fries topped with marinara and mozzarella.  Bello. 12" Deluxe Grinder- ham, salami, pepperoni, provolone cheese, pickles, black olives, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, spices, pepperoncini, and Eegee's house dressing (Italian type of dressing)