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Practice Shots

Here's some photos I took with my new Nikon camera! I'm starting to get used to the basic handling this DSLR camera now: Malasadas  from  Ohana Hawaiian BBQ Malasada close up Cucumber Sandwiches by Danica Gentleman Jack by Jack Daniel Distillery Shrimp Cocktail

Yelp Red Carpet Kickoff Event

Last February, the  Yelp  Red Carpet Kickoff Event was held at the Saxe Lounge . Since I'm dating a Yelper, I just had to go with him!   We got to sample  sliders  from  Naked City Pizza Shop ,  wraps  from  Fresh Grill and Bar , and a variety of bundtlets (single serving of  bundt cakes ) from  Nothing Bundt Cakes .  I not only enjoyed the foods, I also enjoyed having the chance to speak with the caterers.  These people represented their business exceptionally well!  From Yelp Las Vegas Flickr There were also drinks provided by  Bacardi !

Stick E Rice

Sitck E Rice  is a small Thai restaurant located on Desert Inn Rd. & Eastern Ave.  I was surprised by the appearance of the place when walking in.  I really liked the interior modern design!   There's a variety of common Thai and Chinese foods to choose from the menu.  To me, there wasn't too many items to the point of being indecisive of what to order.   For an appetizer, we got the Fish Cake - served with sweet chili cucumber salad.  They looked like big fish nuggets and were delightful, not over fried or too salty: To the left is Pad Thai .  I heard a saying on a television show, to test how good a Thai restaurant is, you have to try their Pad Thai.  This noodle dish passed my test! To the right is Yellow Curry  - a creamy curry made with coconut milk, potatoes, carrots, and onions:

Lobster Zone

At the  Las Vegas Club  in Downtown, there lies The  Lobster Zone  Crane Game. If you're lucky enough to grab a lobster, the restaurant nearby will cook the lobster for you.  What a genius idea! How The Lobster Zone works:

Casa Di Amore

On Valentine's Day, my fiancé surprised me by bringing to Casa di Amore .  The place gave off a vibe of a different time (as their slogan says, "Vegas the way is used to be!").  Pictures of old casinos and major Las Vegas entertainers from the past like the Rat Pack and Elvis Presley  were displayed everywhere.  Even the live music of jazz, Italian, and traditional pop set off a romantic vibe. I got the Mi Amore special and my fiancé got the Bella Notte : I chose the Mi Amore because I wanted to try the Chicken Rollentine (the way our waiter described Chicken Rollentine really persuaded me to try it!).  Slices of chicken are dusted with wheat flour or bread crumbs, covered in ricotta cheese , seasonings, rolled up and baked.  My chicken was full of flavor!  There was so much I couldn't finish it all.  The side of the twice baked potato was very soft and and also full of flavor due to the cheese, I enjoyed every bite of it! This is the Seafood


I rarely go to the Strip to eat because highly priced foods are served everywhere.  My income as a college student won't allow me to splurge much!  So as much as possible, I'll eat somewhere with quality and reasonable prices, like  Stripburger !   I hadn't had a fish burger in awhile so I tried the  Ahi Tuna Burger - comes with a big slice of avocado and pickled ginger.  Just biting into the fat patty I could tell that it wasn't a 'fast food' type of burger, it tasted fresh enough to me.  My aunty agreed with me by saying that her hamburger was really good 10+ times during and after dinner!  I look forward to trying their other hamburgers the next time I pass by.

Cha Ching!

I recently got a Nikon D3100 !!  All thanks to my better half!  A lot of my food photos will definitely look different now... Be prepared to drool! I'm new to using a DSLR camera and have to practice taking shots. So it may take awhile until I post photos from this camera.

Wine Noob

When my friend invited me to a chocolate & wine party that she was going to host, I for sure wanted to go!  I always learn something new about wine whenever I see her :-) At the beginning of the party, we got skewers to pick strawberries, bananas, brownies, or  blondies  (cookies) to dip in the chocolate fondue : We each had a wine marker... Mine looked like a blue Casper ! Here's some of the wine we sampled from- We tried  cabernet sauvignon , which is a red, bold wine (it was too bold for me).  The first brand we drank was Rex Goliath : My friend told us about a simple technique when drinking a wine, you suck in a little air to oxygenate the drink thats in your mouth so you can taste the flavor of the wine more instead of tasting the alcohol!  The next cabernet we tried was Cruz Alta Reserve .  I drank this wine first without oxygenating it, and it tasted like a Sharpie permanent marker o_o.  Second time I sipped the drink, I did that technique and was able to tas