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Cookie Party

Aja and Joel's 4th Annual Cookie Party! BK's star cookie Neato designs! It was therapeutic for me decorating these 4 cookies Aja Ta da! I messed up on this cookie

Siam Garden

On the last day of Thai 111 class, my classmates, me, and our teacher went to eat at Siam Garden located on 3297 Las Vegas Blvd N Ste 65 (near CSN Cheyenne Campus). They were kind enough to extend their open hours for us! Here's some pictures of the authentic Thai food: Spring Rolls Green Curry with Tofu - I prefer the taste of Thai style curry! Ro Ti and Fried Banana (aka banana fritter )- The ro ti is similar to a crepe, but is originated from India. Sweet Sticky Rice and Mango - The name says it all! These two compliment each other well. ขอบคุณ Vena and Siam Garden!!