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South Point Gourmet Food Truck Fest

Earlier this month I went to the  South Point Gourmet Food Truck Fest .  Non-food wise, the lot where this food truck fest was located at was s p a c i o u s, I loved it!  There were twenty food trucks there (many of them were from California).  The lucky food trucks I tried foods from were Calbi  Fusion Tacos|Burritos, Pie 'n Burger , Longboards Ice Cream , Ludo Truck , and  Nom Nom Truck . @ Calbi - This food truck sells Korean BBQ style tacos, burritos, and quesadillas aka "KoMex" food.  Being an adventurous eater, I tried the Kim Chee Quesadillas with a house dipping sauce on the side.  Never would I think of combining kim chee , cheese, and a tortilla  together!  The quesadillas were quite pleasant.  I only wish that the quesadillas or the sauce had more spices added to them: Front-  Tofu Tacos,  Back- Kim Chee Quesadillas @ Pie 'n Burger - I got a pie, but also got a hot dog instead of a burger... I know I should've got a burger (hence their

Filfila Mediterranean Cafe

Upon entering  Filfila Mediterranean Cafe  I was intrigued by the decoration on the walls because there was cultural art everywhere.  I noticed small banners that had King Tut on them, wall paper that had ancient Egyptian art on them, and this beautiful painting of this lady standing by a river - it had to be the Nile .  At that moment I realized I was going to try Mediterranean food ,  Egyptian style  for the first time, I was excited! Table for hookah .   While we ate, we watched an Egyptian movie from the early 90s(?).  Never had a dinner and a movie at a cafe before, it was nice and relaxing. Delicious hummus , it was smooth and tasted homemade :) The owner made me this huge chicken combo plate! I loooved the spices that were on the chicken.   Turkish Coffee  - This coffee is quite bold. If you want to try it and like your coffee sweeter,  just ask for more sugar! Since I still feel like a noob when it comes to Mediterranean food, the only dif

Jean-Philippe Pâtisserie Post #2

This was my favorite leftover cake from Jean Philippe Patisserie in Aria .  This lovely cake was chocolately smooth and moist, and filled with lots of nuts.  I will never forget this cake! To see my first Jean-Philippe Patisserie post, click here .

Trattoria Nakamura-Ya

Trattoria Nakamura-Ya was the first Japanese Italian fusion place I went to (finally!).  Other than the photos of the menus you see here, there was also a board listing the entrees.  Its a small restaurant so I had a nice intimate dinner with my ladies.  I was glad it wasn't a loud place so we didn't have to talk over other people's chattering or music! There were many unique items on the menu, which made it a bit hard to choose something!  In my opinion the entrée that stood out the most was the  Uni & Tomato Cream Pasta,  just because I've never seen uni come with a meal before!  Even though that dish was tempting I got a gnochii pasta dish with tuna instead.  I missed gnochii so I had to get it!   While we waited for our foods we were served buns.  If you can imagine Olive Garden 's bread (except it not being buttery) having a baby with an Asian steamed bun, thats what Nakamura-Ya's buns tasted like! Unique menu! Since I'm trying