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East Coast drinks!

You can only find these beers and liquer in the East Coast:

Dispensary Lounge

One of the best burgers I've had...Go here! 2451 E. Tropicana Ave Las Vegas, NV 89121


Eggs Benedict with Crab at America in the New York New York Hotel and Casino. =)

Kabuki Japanese Restaurant

My first visit to Kabuki Japanese Restaurant in Town Square was quite a treat! When I entered the restaurant, I was impressed with the elegant mix of ancient Japanese art with modern art: We were given edamame (boiled green soybeans) while we waited for our foods: My fiancé and I were there during Reverse Happy Hour (starts 9pm until close on weekdays) so we could eat as much food as we can! When you order off the Reverse Happy Hour Menu, you get the 2nd item (must cost equal or less than the 1st item) for only $1, what an awesome deal! Our first appetizer was Mixed Tempura which consisted of lightly battered shrimp and vegetables: Our second appetizer were Calamari Rings. It wasn't too greasy and was lightly flavored, just the way I like it! The dark sauce tasted like sweet onion and the other tasted like mustard mixed with horseradish . I'm glad they gave us a generous serving of calamari: The first nigiri sushi item I always order at any Japanese restaurant is Yello

Ellis Island Restaurant

If you're a Las Vegas local or a visitor, you should know that the majority of foods and drinks at restaurants/buffets in and near the Strip casinos are a bit overpriced or totally overpriced! One exception is the Restaurant inside the Ellis Island Casino located behind the Strip. If you pass by it, Ellis Island looks like a small local casino, but there's more to it! On Christmas morning, Bronsen and I went to go eat there for breakfast. I had heard from my friends that this was a hole in the wall restaurant that served great food and always had plate specials. Bronsen drinking his coffee as usual: The breakfast menu: My NY Steak and Eggs was only $4.99. They made my steak perfectly!: $ was not bad at all:

Simple Cupcakes

Danica and I made some Pillsbury Funfetti cupcakes topped with vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry frosting. Yummy!

Jean-Philippe Pâtisserie

If you visit the Bellagio, go to Jean-Philippe Pâtisserie to see and eat lovely chocolates, pastries, gelato, sandwiches and more! So far I've tried their gelato, which was scrumptious! They also have the world's largest chocolate fountain, you'll get a sweet tooth just by looking at it! Also, the engineering used into making this fountain amazes me!

St. Louis Bar and Grill

In Canada, I went to St. Louis Bar and Grill (there's multiple locations) with my cousin Liz and her friends. The atmosphere inside the bar had a nice vibe and was relaxing. Liz recommended to try the chicken wings because that's what they're known for! There was a variety of chicken wings to choose from like Honey Garlic, Sweet Asian BBQ, Hot & Honey, Authentic Buffalo, Curry, Suicide, and Hotter Than Hell. I chose the Jerk Chicken flavor because I never tasted that flavor before and loved it! Even though I was full before I came to the bar, I ate as much as I could. As for the fries, I don't know if it was the type of oil or potatoes used to make them taste good, the fries to me were awesome! I also enjoyed a Molson Canadian Beer . I drank it like water!

Korean Grill House

Last December I went to Canada to visit my family. My cousin, David, brought me to Korean Grill House in Scarborough. I was excited when he said that we get to cook our own food there. There's always a first time for everything! We both had the all-you-can-eat barbeque. The raw items we had were: pork, beef, chicken, ox tongue, lamb, salmon, squid, shrimp, and fish fillet. We also had side orders of rice, soy beans, kim chee, daikon, celery, potatoes, and tofu! Cooking 요리 It was fun cooking at our table, I felt like a chef! The service was exceptional and I wish David was a little more adventurous in trying the lamb and ox tail! haha


Zeffirino has always struck me as a beautiful restaurant, I guess I have a taste for old European designs! Other than the beauty of Zeffirino attracting me to eat there, the descriptions of their food I saw on their menu intrigued me more! We started off with San Pellegrino (mineral water) and Acqua Panna (flat water). I chose the Christmas Special Dinner. It came with two appetizers, an entrée, and a dessert for only $39.95! Since I was eating at a fine dining restaurant, I was afraid that the portions would be tiny. To my surprise the portions were big enough and felt the dinner special was worth what I paid for! This is fried calamari and breaded zucchini. I never had fried calamari with a white breaded coat before. It was lightly flavored and was easy to tell the calamari was fresh. There was more food on this plate, I promise! This sauce of this pasta dish was amazing! I wish it was a full entrée! My Eggplant Parmigiana and martini Bronsen's pasta dish with shrimp and